Opening Date
Nov 04, 1946
Closing Date
Jan 04, 1947


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Shubert Theatre
(Nov 04, 1946 - Jan 04, 1947)

Produced by Max Gordon
Book by Nunnally Johnson and George S. Kaufman; Music by Arthur Schwartz; Lyrics by Ira Gershwin; Music orchestrated by Don Walker; Vocal direction and musical adaptation for dances by Clay Warnick
Book directed by George S. Kaufman; Dances and musical numbers by Helen Tamiris
Scenic Design by Donald Oenslager; All gowns, except Miss Corbett's, designed by Tina Leser; Lighting Design by Donald Oenslager
General Manager: Ben A. Boyar; Company Manager: Michael Goldreyer
Production Supervisor: Arnold Saint-Subber; Stage Manager: Barbara Adams; Assistant Stage Mgr: Randell Henderson
Conducted by Charles Sanford; Assistant to Miss Tamiris: Dorothy Bird and Daniel Nagrin; Orchestra Personnel: Al Pearl
Assistant to Mr. Oenslager: Charles Elson; Assistant to Miss Leser: Kasia
General Press Representative: Nat Dorfman; Associate Press Representative: Marian Byram; Advertising: Kenneth Gray
Mrs. Sybil Bennett
Ogden Bennett
Charles Crowell
Mrs. Elsa Crowell
Mrs. Myra Fox
Ned Scott
Reggie Fox
Madge Bennett
Richard Nelson
Mr. Meachem
Mrs. Betty Nelson
Brenda Quincy Adams
Mrs. Laura Woods
Brenda Ker-Ker-Ker
Brenda Follansbee-Stokes
Brenda Stuyvesant
Brenda Wright, Jr., Sr., 3rd
Carole Benswanger
Brenda Cathcart
Brenda Cathcart-Cartcath
Brenda Follansbee-Stokes-Follansbee
Brenda Cadwallader
Mrs. Beverly Meredith
Ted Woods
Brenda Kerr
Brenda Stokes
Brenda Follansbee
James Meredith
Freddie Coleman

Shubert Theatre (Nov 04, 1946 - Jan 04, 1947)


Freddie Coleman
Mr. Meachem
music by Arthur Schwartz; lyrics by Ira Gershwin
Act 1
Sung By
Tomorrow Is the Time
Mrs. Laura Woods and Bridesmaids
For the Life of Me
Ned Scott and Madge Bennett
The Dew Was on the Rose
Mrs. Sybil Bennett, Ogden Bennett, Reggie Fox, Richard Nelson and Charles Crowell
Don't Be a Woman If You Can
Mrs. Betty Nelson, Mrs. Elsa Crowell and Mrs. Myra Fox
Sweet Nevada
Mrs. Sybil Bennett and Mr. Meachem
There's No Holding Me
Madge Bennett and Ned Scott
The Dew Was on the Rose (Reprise)
Mrs. Sybil Bennett and Ogden Bennett
There's Nothing Like Marriage for People
Entire Company
Act 2
Sung By
Hope for the Best
Ted Woods, Bridesmaids and James Meredith
My Son-in-Law
Mrs. Sybil Bennett, Madge Bennett and Richard Nelson
Land of Opportunities
Ogden Bennett, Richard Nelson, Reggie Fox and Charles Crowell
Goodbye to All That
Madge Bennett and Ned Scott
Ted Woods, Mrs. Laura Woods, James Meredith, Mrs. Beverly Meredith and Bridesmaids

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