Opening Date
Sep 11, 1911
Closing Date
Nov 1911


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Liberty Theatre
(Sep 11, 1911 - Oct 28, 1911)
Grand Opera House
(Nov 13, 1911 - Nov 1911)

A musical in three acts

A hotel in the mountains and K, a co-educational college

Produced by A. H. Woods
Book by Otto Hauerbach; Music by Frederick W. Mills; Lyrics by Otto Hauerbach; Musical Director: August Kleinecke; Music orchestrated by William Redfield; Additional lyrics by Sam M. Lewis, E. Ray Goetz, Irving Berlin and Vincent Bryan; Additional music by Irving Berlin and Vincent Bryan
Staged by George Marion; Choreographed by Jack Mason
Scenic Design by Dodge and Castle; Costume Design by Frances and Hayden
Ivy Tracy
Bessie Bothwell
Harriet Halford
Reverend Wilbur Watts
Mrs. Monte
Hal Blake
Lottie Lovedale
Lankton Wells
Tessie Danforth
Ethel Ethridge
Maisie Mannering
Mrs. Leffingwell
Nella Northrup
Cissie Cyril
Tuthill Leffingwell
Nick Bulgler
Oswald Wentworth
John Wilson
Rholla Rollins
Margaret Leffingwell
music by Frederick W. Mills; lyrics by Otto Harbach
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Put Your Arms Around Me
(lyrics by Sam M. Lewis)
Lankton Wells and Ivy Tracy
The Fascinating Widow
(lyrics by E. Ray Goetz)
Mrs. Monte and Girls
Don't Take Your Beau to the Seashore
(music by Irving Berlin; lyrics by E. Ray Goetz)
Mrs. Monte and Bathing Girls
Act 2
Sung By
You've Built a Fire Down in My Heart
(music by Irving Berlin and Vincent Bryan; lyrics by Irving Berlin and Vincent Bryan)
Margaret Leffingwell
Love Is the Theme of My Dreams
Ivy Tracy and Girls
The Rag Time College Girl
(lyrics by Sam M. Lewis)
Mrs. Monte and Girls
Valse Julian
Mrs. Monte
Don't You Make a Noise
Margaret Leffingwell and Girls
Act 3
Sung By
I'm to be a Blushing Bride
(lyrics by Sam M. Lewis)
Mrs. Monte and Bridesmaids

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