Opening Date
Apr 22, 1912
Closing Date
May 04, 1912


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West End Theatre
(Apr 22, 1912 - Apr 28, 1912)
Manhattan Opera House
(Apr 29, 1912 - May 04, 1912)

A musical in two acts

Billy Brush's studio, Along the Highway, The Jolly Jail, and Tulip Inn in Tulip Town.

Book by Aaron Hoffman; Based on the drawings of George McManus; Music by Nathaniel D. Ayer and Paul West; Musical Director: Eugene Salzer; Lyrics by Paul West and Nathaniel D. Ayer; Featuring songs by George W. Meyer and William Cahill; Featuring songs with lyrics by William Cahill, A. Seymour Brown, Joe Goodwin and Jack Bratton
Staged by Al Holbrook
Miss Hamilton
Girl in High Society
Tillie's brother
Will Pinchem
a policeman(honest)
A. Tuffold Knutt
uncle of Dr. Knutt
Dancing Darling
I. Seldom Ketchum
a detective who seldom does
Miss Ward
Girl in High Society
Miss Mars
Girl in High Society
Miss Beechey
Girl in High Society
Dancing Darling
Miss Rogers
Girl in High Society
Georges Georges
an excitable Frenchman
Dancing Darling
Dancing Darling
Helen Merritt
in love with Billy Brush
Claxton Horn
his mechanician
Billy Brush
an artist with ambitions
George George
janitor of the Artists' Apartments
Gus Gasoline
a chauffeur
Noah Tipp
head waiter at Tulip Inn
Miss Atwood
Girl in High Society
Miss Graham-White
Girl in High Society
Dancing Darling
Wanta Tipp
another waiter
Dancing Darling
Tillie Ticker
a telegraph operator at Hotel Astor
Miss Curtis
Girl in High Society
Dancing Darling
Dancing Darling
X. Press
transfer man
Mrs. Georges Georges
an automobile enthusiast
Dr. Theopholus Knutt
a young New York physician
Hazel May
a Newport society bud
music by Nathaniel D. Ayer and Paul West; lyrics by Nathaniel D. Ayer and Paul West
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
We've Painted All the Morning
Artists, Models, and Chorus
Helen's Hat
Billy Brush, Helen Merritt and Chorus
Spoony Words
Dr. Theopholus Knutt and Hazel May
I'd Rather Go to Jail
George George
Waltz Me (Up) to the Altar, Waiter
Tillie Ticker
Night Time's the Right Time to Spoon with the Girl You Love
(music by George W. Meyer; lyrics by Jack Bratton and Joe Goodwin)
Helen Merritt and Billy Brush
The Gum Shoe Man
Tillie Ticker and Small Folks
Act 2
Sung By
Two Lips Are Waiting in Tulip Town
Helen Merritt and Chorus
The Band Came Back
(lyrics by A. Seymour Brown)
George George
The Dramatic Rag
Tillie Ticker, Georges Georges and Chorus
George George and Girls
Don't You Ever Think About Me, Dearie?
(music by William Cahill; lyrics by William Cahill)
Dr. Theopholus Knutt and Hazel May
In a Bungalow for Two
Helen Merritt, Billy Brush and Chorus

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