Opening Date
Aug 07, 1911
Closing Date
Sep 09, 1911


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Criterion Theatre
(Aug 07, 1911 - Sep 09, 1911)

A musical in two acts


Produced by Joseph M. Gaites
Music by Karl Hoschna; Book by Wilbur Nesbit and Otto Hauerbach; Lyrics by Otto Hauerbach; Musical Director: C. E. Mac Arthur
Staged by Frank Smithson
Scenic Design by P. Dodd Ackerman; Costume Design by Orange Manufacturing Company and Halley Clogg
Socrates Primmer
Margery Towne
Vivian Darling
Dollie Cushing
Amy Frank
Carolyn Swifton
Grace Newton
Ethel Winsor
Count von Schnigglefits
Steve Hexter
Moatz Rotewall
Josie Griggs
Claudie Robinson
May Hayden
Generalissimo Bombastino
Daisy Farnes
Mildred St. Clair
Pigeon Williams
Dan England
Daphne Daffington
Bessie Quicksee
Blanche Jerome
Bob Chase
Harry Swifton
Will Anderson
Helen Bombastino
Violet Merriam
Violet Newman
Harry Luckenbach
King Bingham
Fred Jackson
Lucy Medders
Hazel Hartman
Frances St. Cloud
Anna Dawson
Doc Hoffman
Edna May
Phineas Medders
Ursula Farnum
Vic Sincere
Messenger Boy
Perla Little
Ruth Stone
Tillie Cox
Warrie Cahnson
Hortense Lang
Gladys Wilbur
music by Karl Hoschna; lyrics by Otto Hauerbach
Act 1
Sung By
Bachelor Days
Bachelor Boys
Belles of the Tally-Ho Boarding School
Carolyn Swifton and Chorus
I'm Ready To Quit and Be Good
Harry Swifton and Bachelor Boys
Quaker Talk
Lucy Medders, Boys and Girls
The Girl Who Wouldn't Spoon
Harry Swifton and Lucy Medders
Story of a Marionette
Pigeon Williams and Carolyn Swifton
My Wife! My Wife
Principals and Chorus
Act 2
Sung By
Something Very Mysterious
Pigeon Williams and Ensemble
(What's) Sauce for the Gander Is Sauce for the Goose
Helen Bombastino, Daphne Daffington and Count von Schnigglefits
(The) Girl of My Dreams
Harry Swifton and Lucy Medders
Every Girlie Loves Me But the Girl I Love
Pigeon Williams and Chorus
Dear Little Games of Guessing
Harry Swifton, Phineas Medders, Socrates Primmer, Pigeon Williams, Lucy Medders, Carolyn Swifton and Girls
O-o-h (Maybe It's a Robber)
Lucy Medders and Harry Swifton
Dr. Tinkle Tinker
Lucy Medders and Chorus

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