Opening Date
Feb 09, 1928
Closing Date
Dec 15, 1928


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George M. Cohan's Theatre
(Feb 09, 1928 - Dec 15, 1928)

A musical in two acts

Higginstown, Rhode Island

Produced by A. L. Jones and Morris Green
Music by Milton Ager and Owen Murphy; Book by James Gleason and Maurice Marks; Lyrics by Jack Yellen; Music orchestrated by William Still and Arthur Schutt
Dances directed by Russell Markert; Dances Directed by Tom Nip
Scenic Design by Clark Robinson; Costume Design by Charles Le Maire
Orchestra under the direction of Don Voorhees
Dance Ensembles by Russell Markert
The Acrobat
New Yorker
Simley's Protege
The Head Waiter
Smiley Johnson
New Yorker
New Yorker
Oriental Dancer
The Ticket Seller
The Child
Amos K. Shrewsberry
Jack Wayne
Lord Gwinnie Llandridrodd Wells
Frankie Shultz
Jesse Dalton
The Barker
New Yorker
The Policeman
the Lion Tamer
The Mother
Mrs. Patricia Conway
Mary Wheeler
Grace Forsythe
music by Milton Ager and Owen Murphy; lyrics by Jack Yellen
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Circus Days
Members of the Junior League, Young Ladies, School Girls, Boys and The American Rockets
Glad Tidings
Mary Wheeler, Jack Wayne, Bachelor Quartette, New Yorker and Ensemble
Circus Days (Reprise)
Girls and Boys
So Would I
Smiley Johnson and Village Kids
Add a Little Wiggle
Frankie Shultz
Rain or Shine
Mary Wheeler, Jack Wayne, Bachelor Quartette, New Yorker and Ensemble
Laugh, Clown, Laugh
(music by Ted Fiorito; lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young)
Oh, Baby
(music by Owen Murphy; lyrics by Owen Murphy)
Katie, Harry and Ensemble
Roustabout Song (We Follow the Trail)
Jack Wayne, New Yorker and Men's Ensemble
Hey Rube
Grocko and Company
Act 2
Sung By
Falling Star
Mrs. Patricia Conway, New Yorker and Ensemble
Feelin' Good
(music by Owen Murphy)
Frankie Shultz and Ensemble
Forever and Ever
Jack Wayne, New Yorker and Ensemble
Who's Gonna Get You?
Mary Wheeler and Boys

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