Opening Date

Apr 13, 1999

Closing Date

Apr 30, 2000

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In and around London.

Produced by PACE Theatrical Group, Inc. and Fox Theatricals; Produced in association with Jerry Frankel
Book by Leslie Bricusse; Music by Frank Wildhorn; Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse; Conceived for the stage by Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn; From the novella ''The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson; Music orchestrated by Kim Scharnberg; Vocal arrangements by Jason Howland and Ron Melrose
Directed by David Warren; Choreographed by Jerry Mitchell
Scenic Design by James Noone; Costume Design by Ann Curtis; Lighting Design by Beverly Emmons; Sound Design by Karl Richardson and Scott Stauffer; Wig Design by Paul Huntley
Executive Producer: Kenneth H. Gentry; General Manager: Scott W. Jackson and Gentry & Associates; Company Manager: Ken Davenport
Production Supervisor: Seth Wenig; Production Stage Manager: Matthew G. Marholin
Musical Supervisor: Jason Howland; Original Broadway Musical Supervision by Jeremy Roberts; Musical Coordinator: John Miller; Conducted by Steve Mallardi; Associate Conductor: Gary Adler; French horn: Anita Miller; Woodwinds: David Tagliarini; Cello: Hareal Gretheim; Violin: Helen Heram Kim; Bass: Matt Dreyfus; Keyboards: Gary Adler, Mark Kressel and Michael Patrick Walker; Drums: Mark Mule
Special Effects by Gregory Meeh
Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Lord Savage/The Spider
John Utterson
Sir Danvers Carew
Lady Beaconsfield
The Madame
Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
Emma Carew
Jekyll's fiance
Apr 13, 1999 - Jan 2000
General Lord Glossop
Bishop of Basingstoke
Priest at wedding
An Old Man
in the mental hospital
Archibald Proops
Jekyll's manservant
2nd Gentleman
Mr. Bissett
an apothecary
Apr 13, 1999 - Jan 2000
1st Gentleman
Simon Stride
Understudies: Geoffrey Blaisdell (John Utterson), Steven Bogard (Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde), David Elledge (Sir Danvers Carew), Felicia Finley (Lucy), Dave Hugo (Lord Savage/The Spider, Archibald Proops, Poole), David Koch (Lord Savage/The Spider, Simon Stride, Jekyll's Father), Robert Krahen (Rupert, Priest at wedding, Mr. Bissett), Deb Lyons (Lucy, Nellie), Michael L. Marra (Archibald Proops, Poole, General Lord Glossop, Simon Stride), Kelli O'Hara (Emma, Nellie), Karyn Overstreet (Emma, Lady Beaconsfield), Max Perlman (Rupert, Priest at wedding) and Christopher Yates (John Utterson)
Assistant Conductor: Michael Patrick Walker
Tour Marketing and Press: Anita Dloniak & Associates, Inc.


Lady Beaconsfield
The Madame
Lord Savage/The Spider
Emma Carew
Jekyll's fiance
Jan 2000 - Apr 30, 2000
Sir Danvers Carew
Simon Stride
Swing: Jade K. Stice
Understudies: Becca Ayers (Lucy, Nellie), Robin Haynes (John Utterson), David Koch (John Utterson), Robert Krahen (General Lord Glossop), Randi Megibow (Emma, Nellie) and Karyn Overstreet (Lucy)
music by Frank Wildhorn; lyrics by Leslie Bricusse
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Lost In The Darkness
Dr. Henry Jekyll
I Need to Know
Dr. Henry Jekyll
Jekyll's Plea
Dr. Henry Jekyll and The Board of Governors
Façade (Reprise)
Emma's Reasons
Mr. Simon Stride and Emma Carew
Take Me As I Am
Dr. Henry Jekyll and Emma Carew
Letting Go
Sir Danvers Carew and Emma Carew
No One Knows Who I Am
Bring on the Men
This Is The Moment
Dr. Henry Jekyll
(lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn)
Edward Hyde
His Work, And Nothing More
(lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn)
Dr. Henry Jekyll, John Utterson, Sir Danvers Carew and Emma Carew
Someone Like You
Alive (Reprise)
(lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn)
Edward Hyde and Ensemble
Act 2
Sung By
Murder, Murder
(lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn)
A Newsboy and Ensemble
Once Upon A Dream
(lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn)
Emma Carew
Dr. Henry Jekyll
In His Eyes
Lucy and Emma Carew
Dangerous Game
Edward Hyde and Lucy
The Way Back
Dr. Henry Jekyll
A New Life
Sympathy, Tenderness
Edward Hyde
Lost In The Darkness (Reprise)
Dr. Henry Jekyll
Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde
Façade (Reprise)
Dear Lord And Father of Mankind
Boy Soprano
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Apr 25, 2000 - Apr 30, 2000
Houston, TX
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Buffalo, NY
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Jun 15, 1999 - Jun 20, 1999
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Jun 01, 1999 - Jun 13, 1999
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May 18, 1999 - May 30, 1999
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Apr 21, 1999 - May 09, 1999
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Apr 13, 1999 - Apr 18, 1999
Wallingford, CT