Opening Date
Jul 25, 1918
Closing Date
Nov 09, 1918


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Winter Garden Theatre
(Jul 25, 1918 - Nov 09, 1918)

A Musical Revue in Two Acts and 13 Scenes

Book by Harold Atteridge; Music by Sigmund Romberg and Jean Schwartz; Lyrics by Harold Atteridge; Musical Director: Charles Previn; Additional lyrics by Joe Young, J. Will Callahan and Harry DeCosta; Additional music by Harry DeCosta, Ray Perkins, Russell Tarbox, Augustus Barratt and Lee S. Roberts
Choreographed by Jack Mason; Staged by J. C. Huffman; Production Supervised by J. J. Shubert
Scenic Design by Watson Barratt

Winter Garden Theatre (Jul 25, 1918 - Nov 09, 1918)

music by Jean Schwartz and Sigmund Romberg; lyrics by Harold Atteridge
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
I (Really) Can't Make My Feet Behave
War Stamps (Won't You Buy a War Stamp?)
(music by Ray Perkins)
My Baby Talking Girl (My Baby-Talk Lady)
(music by Sigmund Romberg)
Go West, Young Girl
(music by Russell Tarbox)
Trombone Jazz
(music by Jean Schwartz)
My Vampire Girl
Squab Farm
(music by Sigmund Romberg)
The Shimmy Sisters
I'll Make an Angel Out of You
On the Level, You're a Devil, But I'll Soon Make An Angel Out of You
(music by Jean Schwartz; lyrics by Joe Young)
(That Soothing) Serenade
(music by Harry DeCosta; lyrics by Harry DeCosta)
Bring on the Girls
Act 2
Twit, Twit, Twit
My Holiday Girls
(music by Augustus Barratt)
Quick Service
(The) Galli Curci Rag
(music by Sigmund Romberg)
(music by Lee S. Roberts; lyrics by J. Will Callahan)
My Duchess of the Long Ago
Dress, Dress, Dress
(music by Sigmund Romberg)

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