Opening Date
Jul 09, 1908
Closing Date
Oct 03, 1908


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Casino Theatre
(Jul 09, 1908 - Sep 26, 1908)
Grand Opera House
(Sep 28, 1908 - Oct 03, 1908)

France and Marsovia

Music by Ben M. Jerome and Seymour Furth; Book by Edgar Smith; Lyrics by Edward Madden and Addison Burkhardt; Featuring "Mary Carey" by Benjamin Hapgood Burt; Featuring "Mary Carey" by John B. Lovitz; Music for "When Johnny Comes March Home (From College) Again" and "Rag Man, Music Man" by Louis A. Hirsch; Music for "My Lady Wine" by Carl Rehman; Orchestra under the direction of Oscar Radin
Staged by J. C. Huffman; Musical numbers conceived and executed by Ned Wayburn
Scenic Design by H. Robert Law and Arthur Voegtlin; Costume Design by William H. Matthews, Mme. Freisinger and Mme. Ripley
Lord Dundreary
a ghost from the humorous past
formerly the Merry Widow
Jack Witchinghour
a gentleman gambler
Mrs. Guilford
a society leader
Lemuel Sawwood
an American business man
Mademoiselle Ou La La
Phoebe Snow
George Cohan
a pop-up clip-up
an American college chap
Prince Danillo
husband of the Merry Widow
William Sawwood
Miss Tiny Daley
of Chicago
Mrs. Richard Thief
a female coacher
Man Hater
of the circus
Miss Hook of Holland Burlesque Specialty
Ludwig Knoedler
Woman Hater, a near hero
Man Hater
American Daisy
American Daisy
American Daisy
headwaiter at La Cascade
American Daisy
Henri Montmarty
Man Hater
Prince Distingu
a diplomat
a butler
Bessie Clayton
Molly Carey
Captain Champmars
a Parisian
Frou Frou
Richard Thief
a worthy gentleman
Kid Burns
an authority on the races
American Daisy
Pierre Ambigu
a French actor
Baron Savogaire
a diplomat
American Daisy
a gay Parisienne
Mr. Disch
Woman Hater, of the Marsovian Embassy
Henry Schniff
Woman Hater, a soldier of misfortune
Goo Goo
a gendarme
Tom Sawwood
Colonel Bridau
a custodian of his family's honor
Coo Coo
music by Ben M. Jerome and Seymour Furth; lyrics by Addison Burkhardt and Edward Madden
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Any Old Nag at All
(music by Seymour Furth; lyrics by Addison Burkhardt)
Kid Burns and Company
All the Stars and Stripes Belong to Me
George Cohan
Mademoiselle Ou La La and Father
(Your Lips Say No, But) Your Eyes Say Yes
(music by Ben M. Jerome; lyrics by Edward Madden)
Sonia and Ensemble
Richard Carle
George Cohan
Rogers Brothers
George Cohan and Polly
When Tetrazzini Sighs High F
Mrs. Richard Thief
Mary Carey
(music by Benjamin Hapgood Burt; lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt and John B. Lovitz)
Prince Danillo and Ensemble
When Johnny Comes Marching Home (from College) Again
(music by Louis A. Hirsch)
Mademoiselle Ou La La and Ensemble
Woman, Lovely Woman
Sonia, Mrs. Richard Thief and Lemuel Sawwood
Two Hearts Beat As One
Artie and Molly Carey
I'm No Stingy Romeo
Prince Danillo and Directoire Ladies
Rag Man, Music Man
(music by Louis A. Hirsch)
Artie and Ensemble
Act 2
Sung By
Phoebe Snow
Phoebe Snow, William Sawwood and Ensemble
Chip Along
My Lady Wine
(music by Carl Rehman; lyrics by Addison Burkhardt)
Prince Danillo and Ensemble
Miss Hook of Holland
Fred Stone
George Cohan
Bessie Clayton
Bessie Clayton
Yankee Prince Waltz
George Cohan and Polly
(In) Monte Carlo Town
(music by Ben M. Jerome; lyrics by Edward Madden)
Colonel Bridau and Ensemble
Making Eyes
Mrs. Richard Thief
Ambassador's March
Prince Danillo and Ensemble

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