Opening Date
Aug 03, 1908
Closing Date
Aug 29, 1908


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Wallack's Theatre
(Aug 03, 1908 - Aug 29, 1908)

A musical in three acts

Times Square, New York

Produced by Askin-Singer Company
Book by Will M. Hough and Frank Adams; Music by Joseph E. Howard; Lyrics by Will M. Hough and Frank Adams; Music for "The Old Buck and Wing" with Hilding Anderson
Directed by George F. Marion
Scenic Design by John H. Young; Costume Design by Eaves and Leavitt and Grossman
Elsie Davis
the cashier
Harold Sears
Con Ryan
the head waiter
"Jo" Forster
a waitress
Mrs. Jessie Sears
"Kid" Hennessey
a prize fighter
A Reporter
Jake Schwartzberger
a delicatessen dealer
"Skinny" Jones
President of the Steel Workers' Union
Baron Max von Tesmar
"Bud" McGinty
a plumber
T.P.G. Sears
a magnate
A Bailiff
Solo Dancing
music by Joseph E. Howard; lyrics by Frank Adams and Will M. Hough
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Be Sweet to Me, Kid
Con Ryan, Elsie Davis and Chorus
Waltz with Me 'Till I'm Dreamy
Mrs. Jessie Sears and Chorus
There Is No Place Like Home
Elsie Davis and Chorus
College Days
Harold Sears and Male Chorus
The Girl You Dream About
Entire Company
Act 2
Sung By
The Old Buck and Wing
(music by Hilding Anderson and Joseph E. Howard)
Con Ryan and Chorus
I Like to Have You Call Me Honey
Elsie Davis and Broilers
When Eyes Like Yours Look into Eyes Like Mine
Harold Sears and Elsie Davis
It's Bye-Bye, Pal
Mrs. Jessie Sears and Chorus
Act 3
Sung By
I Hate to Work on Mondays
Clerks, Stenographers, Post Card Kiddies, etc.
Do Something
Con Ryan

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