Opening Date
Dec 03, 1908
Closing Date
Jan 16, 1909


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Majestic Theatre
(Dec 03, 1908 - Jan 16, 1909)

A musical in two acts

The Home of Father Time; The City of Innocence; The Pied Piper's Boudoir; The Nursery

Music by Manuel Klein; Book by Austin Strong and R.H. Burnside; Lyrics by R.H. Burnside and Austin Strong
Staged by R.H. Burnside
Conducted by Manuel Klein
Lizzie Dizzy
Father Time
The Pied Piper
Willie Van Cortlandt
The Board of Aldermen
The Piper's Official Reminder
The Piper's Official Adviser
The Housekeeper
The Bad Boy
The Model Couple
Sammy Struggles
The Model Couple
music by Manuel Klein; lyrics by Austin Strong and R.H. Burnside
Act 1
Sung By
It's Going to be a Very Busy Day
We Tell Him Just What to Do
The Piper's Official Adviser and The Piper's Official Reminder
(A) Woman's a Wonderful Thing
The Pied Piper and Chorus
The Dresden China Plate
Adam and Eve
Lizzie Dizzy
I'm Looking for a Sweetheart
Elviria and Willie Van Cortlandt
Love Is a Curious Feeling
The Pied Piper, Willie Van Cortlandt, Sammy Struggles, Elviria, The Housekeeper and Lizzie Dizzy
It's the Little Things That Count in Life
Lizzie Dizzy and The Pied Piper
Act 2
Sung By
It All Depends
Sammy Struggles, The Piper's Official Adviser and The Piper's Official Reminder
It Really Was a Very Pretty Story
I Should Like to Know the Reason
The Pied Piper and Elviria
Sentimental Sarah
Lizzie Dizzy
Nursery Rhymes
The Pied Piper
(Tell Me,) Whose Little Girl Are You
Elviria and Willie Van Cortlandt
What Do You Think of That?
Sammy Struggles, Lizzie Dizzy, Elviria and The Pied Piper

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