MusicalComedy HistoryRevivalBroadway
Opening Date
Aug 14, 1997
Closing Date
Jun 14, 1998
1st Preview
Jul 16, 1997
1st Preview
Jul 16, 1997
MusicalComedy HistoryRevivalBroadway


Criterion Center Stage Right
(Aug 14, 1997 - Nov 16, 1997)
Gershwin Theatre
(Dec 03, 1997 - Jun 14, 1998)

Philadelphia, 1776

When this production transferred from its non-profit run to its commercial run, producers, managers, and others associated with the transfer received new production credits. These individuals are included on the replacement/transfer page.

Music by Sherman Edwards; Lyrics by Sherman Edwards; Book by Peter Stone; From a concept by Sherman Edwards; Music orchestrated by Brian Besterman; Dance arrangements by Peter Howard; Musical Director: Paul Gemignani; Assistant Musical Dir.: Mark Mitchell
Directed by Scott Ellis; Choreographed by Kathleen Marshall; Assistant Director: Chris Kahler; Assistant Choreographer: Danny Wright
Scenic Design by Tony Walton; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Brian Nason; Sound Design by Brian Ronan; Hair and Wig Design by David Brian Brown; Associate Scenic Design: Klara Zieglerova; Assistant Lighting Design: Tiffany Yelton
Company Manager: Denys Baker
Production Supervisor: Michael Curry; Production Manager: Glenn Merwede; Production Stage Manager: Lori M. Doyle; Stage Manager: David Sugarman
Conducted by Mark Mitchell; Associate Conductor: Thad Wheeler; Violin: Brenda Vincent; Cello: Tatyana Margulis; Woodwinds: Eric Weidman; Trumpet: Dominic Derasse; Bass Trombone & Tuba: Dean Plank; Bass: Anthony Morris; Percussion: Thad Wheeler; Keyboard: Mark Mitchell; Music Copyist: Peggy Serra
Roundabout Artistic Associate / Casting: Jim Carnahan; Dialect Coach: K.C. Ligon; Roundabout Director of Development: Julia C. Levy; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Roundabout Director of Marketing: David Steffen; Advertising: Nappi / Eliran / Murphy, Ltd.; Dance Captain: David Lowenstein
Stephen Hopkins
Leather Apron
John Dickinson
Andrew McNair
Congressional Custodian
Edward Rutledge
Abigail Adams
Lewis Morris
Richard Henry Lee
Roger Sherman
Benjamin Franklin
Rev. John Witherspoon
George Read
Joseph Hewes
Robert Livingston
Dr. Josiah Bartlett
Caesar Rodney
Col. Thomas McKean
Charles Thomson
Congressional Secretary
John Hancock
John Adams
Samuel Chase
Thomas Jefferson
Martha Jefferson
Dr. Lyman Hall
James Wilson
Understudies: Joseph Cassidy (Roger Sherman, Richard Henry Lee, Edward Rutledge), Rob Donohoe (Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Stephen Hopkins, Caesar Rodney, Andrew McNair), Rebecca Eichenberger (Abigail Adams, Martha Jefferson), Tim Fauvell (Lewis Morris, Robert Livingston, Samuel Chase, Joseph Hewes), John Herrera (John Adams), James Hindman (Rev. John Witherspoon, Col. Thomas McKean, Dr. Lyman Hall, Charles Thomson), David Lowenstein (James Wilson), Michael X. Martin (John Dickinson), Michael McCormick (John Hancock), Bill Nolte (Benjamin Franklin), Tom Roland (Benjamin Franklin) and Ben Sheaffer (George Read, Thomas Jefferson, Leather Apron, Courier)

Criterion Center Stage Right (Aug 14, 1997 - Nov 16, 1997)

Gershwin Theatre (Dec 03, 1997 - Jun 14, 1998)

Original Orchestrations: Eddie Sauter
Production Stage Manager: Lori M. Doyle; Technical Supervisor: Gene O'Donovan; Stage Manager: David Sugarman
Concert Master: Suzanne Ornstein; Violin: Suzanne Ornstein, Ronald Oakland and Robert Zubrycki; Viola: Louis Day; Cello: Roger Shell and Tatyana Vartapetyan-Margulis; Woodwinds: Martha Hyde, Henry Schuman and Thomas Sefcovic; French Horn: Ronald Sell and Peter Schoettler; Trumpet: David Brown; Trombone: Kenneth Finn, David Read and Randall Andos; Keyboard: Maggie Torre; Harp: Jennifer Hoult; Percussion: Louis Oddo; Music Contractor: Ronald Sell; Associate Conductor: David Brown; Assistant Conductor: Maggie Torre; Violin Conway Kuo; French Horn Patrick Milando; Percussion Peter Grant
Marketing: Margery Singer; Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown


Abigail Adams
Lewis Morris
Caesar Rodney
Benjamin Franklin
John Adams
Dr. Lyman Hall
Standby: Rex Everhart (Benjamin Franklin) and Diane Fratantoni (Abigail Adams, Martha Jefferson)
Understudies: Joseph Cassidy (Painter), John Ellison Conlee (Samuel Chase), Rob Donohoe (Roger Sherman, Lewis Morris, George Read, Leather Apron), Tim Fauvell (George Read, Col. Thomas McKean), John Herrera (John Hancock), James Hindman (John Adams, John Dickinson, Charles Thomson), Kevin Ligon (Robert Livingston, James Wilson, Edward Rutledge), David Lowenstein (Charles Thomson), Michael X. Martin (Dr. Lyman Hall, Roger Sherman), Erik J. McCormack (Painter), Richard Poe (John Adams), Ryan Shively (Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Hewes, Leather Apron, Courier), Brian Sutherland (Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee) and Richard Thomsen (Dr. Josiah Bartlett, Stephen Hopkins, Rev. John Witherspoon, Caesar Rodney, Andrew McNair)
music by Sherman Edwards; lyrics by Sherman Edwards
Act 1
Sung By
Sit Down, John
John Adams and The Congress
Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve
John Adams
Till Then
John Adams and Abigail Adams
The Lees of Old Virginia
Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams
But Mr. Adams
John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston
Yours, Yours, Yours
John Adams and Abigail Adams
He Plays the Violin
Martha Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams
Cool, Cool, Considerate Men
John Dickinson and The Conservatives
Momma Look Sharp
Courier, Andrew McNair and Leather Apron
Act 2
Sung By
The Egg
Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
Molasses To Rum
Edward Rutledge
Abigail Adams
Is Anybody There?
John Adams

Tony Award®


Best Featured Actor in a Musical

1998 Nominee
Gregg Edelman

Best Direction of a Musical

1998 Nominee
Directed by Scott Ellis

Drama Desk Award


Outstanding Actor in a Musical

1998 Nominee
Brent Spiner

Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical

1998 Winner
Gregg Edelman

Outstanding Direction of a Musical

1998 Nominee
Directed by Scott Ellis
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