Opening Date

Jun 04, 2002

Closing Date

May 11, 2003

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


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Chicago, Miami and in between. 1929.

This production was originally produced at Theatre Under the Stars
Book by Peter Stone; Music by Jule Styne; Lyrics by Bob Merrill; Based on the Screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond; Based on a Story by Robert Thoeren; Music orchestrated by Michael Gibson and Philip J. Lang; Musical Director: Lynn Crigler; Dance Music: Mark Hummel; Featuring songs with original dance music by John Berkman; Featuring songs by A. Harrington Gibbs; Featuring songs with lyrics by Joel Grey, Leo Wood and Sammy Cahn
Directed by Dan Siretta; Choreographed by Dan Siretta; Assistant Choreographer: Tim Foster
Scenic Design by James Leonard Joy; Costume Design by Suzy Benzinger; Lighting Design by Ken Billington; Sound Design by Christopher Bond; Hair Design by David H. Lawrence; Associate Costume Design: Patrick Chevillot; Associate Lighting Design: John Demous; Assistant Scenic Design: Todd Ivins, Todd Potter and Charles Corcoran; Assistant Costume Design: Jennifer Arnold; Moving Light Programmer: David Arch
General Manager: Richard Martini and Sharon Tinari Pratt; Company Manager: Kurt Stoneking; Assistant Co. Mgr: Mark Matukewicz
Production Supervisor: Christopher C. Smith; Production Stage Manager: Christopher 'Kit' Bond; Assistant Stage Mgr: Inga Pedersen and Dan Shaheen
Musical Coordinator: John Monaco; Conducted by Lynn Crigler; Associate Conductor: John Mulcahy and Eric Barnes; Drummer: David Tancredi; Trumpet: Joseph Goirdianni; Guitar/Banjo: David Boguslaw; Music Copying: Anne Kaye and Doug Houston; Synthesizer Systems: Andrew Barrett
Casting: Stuart Howard, Amy Schecter and Howard Meltzer; National Press Representative: Cromarty and Company and Anita Dloniak & Associates, Inc.; Exclusive Booking Direction: William Morris Agency, Inc.; Advertising: Rave Advertising; Photographer: Carol Rosegg; Dance Captain: Ashlee Fife; Assistant Dance Captain: Karen Sieber
Osgood Fielding, III
Sweet Sue
Spats' Thug
Train Conductor
Union Secretary
Mary Lou
Society Syncopater
Society Syncopater
Spats' Thug
Spats' Thug
Spats' Thug
Society Syncopater
Society Syncopater
Toothpick Charlie's Gang
Society Syncopater
Toothpick Charlie's Gang
Society Syncopater
Toothpick Charlie
Society Syncopater
Society Syncopater
Society Syncopater
Society Syncopater
Understudies: Sarah Anderson (Sugar), Jacqueline Bayne (Sugar), Bobby Clark (Spats), Brenda Hamilton (Olga, Delores, Mary Lou, Rosella), Derek Isetti (Joe), Pamela Jordan (Sweet Sue), Gair Morris (Jerry, Bienstock), Heather Parcells (Sweet Sue) and Gerry Vichi (Osgood Fielding, III)


Society Syncopater
Society Syncopater
Swing: James Darrah
Understudy: Louise Madison (Sweet Sue)
music by Jule Styne; lyrics by Bob Merrill
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
We Play in the Band
Sweet Sue and the Girls
Penniless Bums
Jerry, Joe and Musicians
Tear The Town Apart
Spats and Men
The Beauty That Drives Men Mad
Chorus, Jerry and Joe
Runnin' Wild
(music by A. Harrington Gibbs; lyrics by Joel Grey and Leo Wood)
Sugar, Sweet Sue, Joe, Jerry and Girls
We Could Be Close
Sugar and Jerry
Sun On My Face
Sugar, Sweet Sue, Joe, Jerry, Bienstock and Girls
November Song
Osgood Fielding, III and Ensemble
Doin' It for Sugar
Joe and Jerry
Act 2
Sung By
Sun On My Face
Shell Oil/Hey, Why Not!
Joe, Sugar and Men
I Fall In Love Too Easily
(lyrics by Sammy Cahn)
Osgood Fielding, III
Magic Nights
It's Always Love
When You Meet A Man In Chicago
Sweet Sue, Sugar, Joe, Jerry and Ensemble
People In My Life
Some Like It Hot
Full Company
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