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Jan 06, 2009

Closing Date

Feb 07, 2010

MusicalDramaOriginalNational Tour


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
East Village, New York City.

Book by Jonathan Larson; Music by Jonathan Larson; Lyrics by Jonathan Larson; Additional lyrics by Billy Aronson; Original Concept by Billy Aronson; Music arranged by Steve Skinner; Additional Arrangements: Tim Weil; Musical Director: David Truskinoff
Directed by Michael Greif; Choreographed by Marlies Yearby; Associate Choreographer: Yasmine Lee; Assistant Director: Johanna McKeon
Scenic Design by Paul Clay; Costume Design by Angela Wendt; Lighting Design by Blake Burba; Sound Design by Brian Ronan; Set Design Adaptation: Matthew E. Maraffi; Associate Costume Design: Lisa Zinni; Film by Tony Gerber; Original Sound Design: Steve C. Kennedy
General Manager: John S. Corker; Company Manager: Judy Wilfore; Assistant Co. Mgr: Natalie Fleming
Technical Director: Hector Guivas; Production Stage Manager: Michael McGoff; Technical Supervisor: Brian Lynch; Stage Manager: Trinity Wheeler; Assistant Stage Mgr: Kelly Marie Furlough
Musical Supervisor: Tim Weil; Musical Coordinator: Michael Keller; Conducted by David Truskinoff; Assistant Conductor: Robert Sprayberry; Keyboards: David Truskinoff and Robert Sprayberry; Keyboards/Guitar: Paul O'Keefe; Bass: Paul Reich; Drums: Jeff Potter; Guitar: Joe Parker
Casting: Telsey + Company; National Press and Publicity: Richard Kornberg & Associates; Tour Marketing and Publicity: Allied Live; Advertising: SPOTCo, Inc.; Website/Internet Marketing: Allied Live; Exclusive Tour Direction: The Booking Group; Photographer: Joan Marcus; Dramaturg: Lynn M. Thomson; Dance Captain: Yuka Takara; Assistant Dance Captain: Jed Resnick
Roger Davis
Mark Cohen
Gordon, the man, Mr. Grey, and others
Maureen Johnson
Angel Schunard
Mimi Marquez
Steve, man with squeegee, a waiter, and others
Tom Collins
Paul, a cop, and others
Benjamin Coffin III
Mrs. Jefferson, woman with bags, and others
Mark's mom, and others
Alexi Darling, Roger's mom, and others
Christmas caroler, Mr. Jefferson, a pastor and others
Joanne Jefferson
Understudies: Karmine Alers (Mimi Marquez, Maureen Johnson), Toby Blackwell (Benjamin Coffin III, Tom Collins), Adam Halpin (Roger Davis, Mark Cohen), Trisha Jeffrey (Joanne Jefferson, Mimi Marquez), Joshua Kobak (Roger Davis), Telly Leung (Angel Schunard), Jed Resnick (Mark Cohen), Andy Señor (Angel Schunard), Gwen Stewart (Joanne Jefferson), Caren Tackett (Mimi Marquez, Maureen Johnson) and John Watson (Benjamin Coffin III, Tom Collins)
Dance Captain: MiRi Park


Joanne Jefferson
Paul, a cop, and others
Alexi Darling, Roger's mom, and others
Understudies: Shaun Earl (Angel Schunard), Shelley Thomas (Mimi Marquez, Maureen Johnson) and Brandon Uranowitz (Mark Cohen)
music by Jonathan Larson; lyrics by Jonathan Larson
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Tune Up/Voice Mail #1
Mark Cohen, Roger Davis, Mrs. Cohen, Tom Collins and Benjamin Coffin III
The Company
You Okay Honey?
Angel Schunard and Tom Collins
One Song Glory
Roger Davis
Light My Candle
Roger Davis and Mimi Marquez
Voice Mail #2
Mr & Mrs. Jefferson
Today 4 U
Angel Schunard
You'll See
Benjamin Coffin III, Mark Cohen, Tom Collins, Roger Davis and Angel Schunard
Tango: Maureen
Mark Cohen and Joanne Jefferson
Life Support
Paul, Gordon and The Company
Out Tonight
Mimi Marquez
Another Day
Roger Davis, Mimi Marquez and The Company
Will I?
The Company
On the Street
The Company
Sante Fe
(lyrics by Billy Aronson and Jonathan Larson)
Tom Collins and The Company
I'll Cover You
Angel Schunard and Tom Collins
We're Okay
Joanne Jefferson
Christmas Bells
The Company
Over the Moon
Maureen Johnson
La Vie Boheme/I Should Tell You
(lyrics by Billy Aronson and Jonathan Larson)
The Company
Act 2
Sung By
Seasons of Love
The Company
Happy New Year/Voice Mail #3
Mimi Marquez, Roger Davis, Mark Cohen, Maureen Johnson, Joanne Jefferson, Tom Collins, Angel Schunard, Mrs. Cohen, Alexi Darling and Benjamin Coffin III
Take Me or Leave Me
Maureen Johnson and Joanne Jefferson
Without You
Roger Davis and Mimi Marquez
Voice Mail #4
Alexi Darling
The Company
I'll Cover You (Reprise)
Tom Collins and The Company
Mark Cohen
Goodbye, Love
Mark Cohen, Mimi Marquez, Roger Davis, Maureen Johnson, Joanne Jefferson, Tom Collins and Benjamin Coffin III
What You Own
Pastor, Mark Cohen, Tom Collins, Benjamin Coffin III and Roger Davis
Voice Mail #5
Roger's Mom, Mimi's Mom, Mr. Jefferson and Mrs. Cohen
Finale/Your Eyes
Roger Davis and The Company
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Feb 02, 2010 - Feb 07, 2010
Sacramento, CA
Jan 26, 2010 - Jan 31, 2010
Madison, WI
Jan 12, 2010 - Jan 24, 2010
Toronto, ON
Dec 08, 2009 - Dec 20, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
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Jan 27, 2009 - Feb 01, 2009
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Jan 20, 2009 - Jan 25, 2009
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Jan 13, 2009 - Jan 18, 2009
Buffalo, NY
Jan 06, 2009 - Jan 11, 2009
Cleveland, OH