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Sep 22, 2017

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Dec 02, 2018

MusicalDramaOriginalNational Tour


Produced by Troika Entertainment; By special arrangement with Really Useful Group
Book by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ben Elton, Glenn Slater and Frederick Forsyth; Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Lyrics by Glenn Slater; Additional lyrics by Charles Hart; Music orchestrated by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber; Musical Director: Dale Rieling
Directed by Simon Phillips; Choreographed by Graeme Murphy AO; Associate Director: Gavin Mitford; Associate Choreographer: Simone Sault
Scenic Design by Gabriela Tylesova; Costume Design by Gabriela Tylesova; Lighting Design by Nick Schlieper; Sound Design by Mick Potter; Hair and Wig Design by Backstage Artistry; Design Supervisor: Edward Pierce; Hair, Wigs & Make-up Design by J.J. Janas and Dave Bova; Associate Costume Design: Whitney Locher; Associate Lighting Design: Chris Twyman; Associate Sound Design: Emma James; Associate Hair, Wigs & Make-up Design: Kate Casalino; Assistant Scenic Design: Jen Price; Assistant Costume Design: Jess Gersz; Assistant Lighting Design: Adam Honoré; Moving Light Programmer: Joe Allegro
Executive Producer: Randall A. Buck; General Manager: Karen Berry; General Management & Production Management: Troika Entertainment; Company Manager: Aaron Quintana; Assistant Gen. Mgr: Jay Krause; Assistant Co. Mgr: Justin Coffman
Technical Director: Randy Moreland; Production Manager: Anna Bate; Senior Production Manager: Laura Dieli; Assistant Prod. Mgr: Ártemis López; Production Stage Manager: Daniel S. Rosokoff; Stage Manager: Eric H. Mayer; Assistant Stage Mgr: Lauren Cavanaugh
Musical Supervisor: Kristen Blodgette; Musical Coordinator: David Lai and Talitha Fehr; Conducted by Dale Rieling; Assistant Conductor: Eric Kang; Keys 1: Dominic Raffa; Keys 2: David Robison; Keys 3: Eric Kang; Concert Master: Dmitriy Melkumov; Viola: Alex Wong; Cello: Nick Donatelle; Reed 1: Jessica Lipstone; Reed 2: Garrett Hack; Reed 3: Nathaniel Hoshal; French Horn: Hector J. Rodriquez; Trumpet: Gary Cordell; Bass Trombone/Tuba: Ric Becker; Contra Bass: Lisa Stokes; Percussion: Aaron Nix; Keyboard Programmer: Stuart Andrews
Casting: Tara Rubin Casting and Lindsay Levine, CSA; Tour Booking, Press & Marketing: Broadway Booking Office NYC; Dance Captain: Erin Chupinsky; Assistant Dance Captain: Chelsey Arce; Photographer: Joan Marcus
The Phantom
Christine Daaé
Madame Giry
Vicomte de Chagny
Understudies: Diana DiMarzio (Madame Giry), Tyler Donahue (Gangle), Yesy Garcia (Fleck), Alyssa Giannetti (Christine Daaé), Michael Gillis (The Phantom, Raoul), Lauren Lukacek (Madame Giry), Alyssa McAnany (Meg Giry), Rachel Anne Moore (Christine Daaé), Bronson Norris Murphy (The Phantom), Dave Schoonover (Raoul, Gangle), Kelly Swint (Meg Giry, Fleck), Lucas Thompson (Squelch) and Arthur Wise (Squelch)
Based on 'The Phantom of Manhattan' by Frederick Forsyth
Production Stage Manager: Michael Danek; Assistant Stage Mgr: Jennifer Scott
Viola: Lerryn S Donatelle; Contra Bass: Abraham Masso III


The Phantom
The Phantom
Christine Daaé
Understudies: Julian R. Decker (The Phantom) and Dave Schoonover (The Phantom)
music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; lyrics by Glenn Slater
Act 1
Sung By
'Til I Hear You Sing
The Phantom
The Coney Island Waltz
Gangle, Squelch, Fleck and Ensemble
Only For You
Meg Giry and Ensemble
Mother Did You See?
Meg Giry and Madame Giry
Arrival of the Trio
Gustave, Gangle, Squelch, Fleck and The Phantom
What a Dreadful Town!
Raoul, Gustave and Christine Daaé
Look With Your Heart
Christine Daaé and Gustave
Beneath a Moonless Sky
The Phantom and Christine Daaé
Once Upon Another Time
Christine Daaé and The Phantom
Mother Please, I'm Scared
Gustave, Christine Daaé and The Phantom
Bathing Beauty Rehearsal
Meg Giry and Ensemble
Dear Old Friend
Meg Giry, Christine Daaé, Madame Giry and Raoul
Gangle, Fleck, Squelch, Gustave and The Phantom
The Beauty Underneath
The Phantom, Gustave and Ensemble
The Phantom Confronts Christine
The Phantom and Christine Daaé
Ten Long Years
Madame Giry
Act 2
Sung By
Why Does She Love Me?
Raoul and Meg Giry
Devil Take the Hindmost
The Phantom and Raoul
Invitation to the Concert
Gangle, Squelch and Fleck
Bathing Beauty
Meg Giry and Ensemble
Mother Did You Watch?
Meg Giry and Madame Giry
Before the Performance
Gustave, Christine Daaé, Raoul and The Phantom
Devil Take the Hindmost (Quartet)
Gustave, Raoul, The Phantom, Madame Giry and Meg Giry
Love Never Dies
Christine Daaé
Ah, Christine!
The Phantom, Christine Daaé, Raoul, Squelch, Fleck and Madame Giry
Streets of Coney Island
Meg Giry, Gustave and Ensemble
Please, Miss Giry
Gustave, Meg Giry and The Phantom
Christine Daaé and The Phantom
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