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Oct 02, 2012

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Nov 17, 2013

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Various locations on an Ocean Liner.

Music by Cole Porter; Lyrics by Cole Porter; Original Book by P. G. Wodehouse, Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse; New Book by Timothy Crouse and John Weidman; Original Orchestrations: Michael Gibson; Additional Orchestrations: Bill Elliott; Dance arrangements by David Chase; Vocal arrangements by Rob Fisher; Musical Director: Jay Alger
Directed by Kathleen Marshall; Choreographed by Kathleen Marshall; Associate Director: Marc Bruni; Associate Choreographer: Jennifer Savelli
Original Scenic Design: Derek McLane; Costume Design by Martin Pakledinaz; Lighting Design by Howell Binkley; Sound Design by Brian Ronan and Keith Caggiano; Hair and Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Makeup Design by Angelina Avallone; Associate Scenic Design: Erica Hemminger; Associate Costume Design: Justin L. Hall; Associate Lighting Design: Ryan O'Gara; Assistant Lighting Design: Joe Doran; Moving Light Programmer: Timothy F. Rogers
Executive Producer: Sydney Beers; General Manager: Richards / Climan, Inc.; Roundabout Associate Managing Director: Greg Backstrom; Company Manager: Denny Daniello; Assistant Co. Mgr: Jose Solivan
Production Manager: Aurora Productions; Production Stage Manager: John M. Atherlay; Stage Manager: Sarah A. Tschirpke; Assistant Stage Mgr: Genevieve Kersh
Musical Coordinator: Seymour Red Press; Musical Supervisor: James Lowe; Conducted by Jay Alger; Associate Conductor: Albin E. Konopka; Drums: Greg Joseph; Synthesizer Programmer: Bruce Samuels; Music Copying: Emily Grishman Music Preparation/Katharine Edmonds/Emily Grishman
Casting: Jim Carnahan, C.S.A. and Stephen Kopel; Tour Booking Agency: The Booking Group; Roundabout Director of Marketing & Audience Development: Tom O'Connor; Roundabout Director of Development: Lynne Gugenheim Gregory; Roundabout Founding Director: Gene Feist; Roundabout Adams Associate Artistic Director: Scott Ellis; Press Representative: Type A Marketing; Marketing: Type A Marketing; General Press Representative: Boneau / Bryan-Brown; Advertising: SPOTCo, Inc.; Interactive Marketing: Situation Interactive; Dance Captain: Sean McKnight; Assistant Dance Captain: Vanessa Sonon; Photographer: Joan Marcus
Dedicated to the memory of Martin Pakledinaz (a beloved member of the Roundabout Theatre Company family.)
Moonface Martin
aka Reverend Dr. Moon aka Public Enemy #13
Reno Sweeney
Billy Crocker
Hope Harcourt
Elisha J. Whitney
Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh
Quartet Member
Ship's Passenger
Old Lady in a Wheelchair
Ship's Passenger
Ship's Passenger
Henry T. Dobson
a minister
Quartet Member
Ship's Passenger
FBI Agent
Ship's Passenger
FBI Agent
Quartet Member
Ship's Passenger
Ship's Passenger
Quartet Member
Ship's Passenger
Understudies: Jeremy Benton (Billy Crocker, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, Captain), Jeff Brooks (Moonface Martin, Elisha J. Whitney), Jacqueline Burtney (Erma), Jan Leigh Herndon (Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt), Kristie Kerwin (Reno Sweeney, Hope Harcourt), Gary Lindemann (Moonface Martin, Captain), Sean McKnight (Purser, John), Ashley Peacock (Hope Harcourt), Bobby Pestka (Luke, John), Vanessa Sonon (Erma), Aaron Umsted (Billy Crocker, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, Luke), Chuck Wagner (Elisha J. Whitney), Mackenzie Warren (Reno Sweeney, Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt) and Sean Watkins (Purser)


Billy Crocker
Ship's Passenger
Quartet Member
Ship's Passenger
Quartet Member
Ship's Passenger
FBI Agent
Swing: Sara Andreas
Understudies: Sarah Agar (Hope Harcourt) and Derek Hanson (Purser, Billy Crocker, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh)
music by Cole Porter; lyrics by Cole Porter
Act 1
Sung By
I Get a Kick Out of You
Reno Sweeney
There's No Cure Like Travel
Captain, Purser and Sailors
Bon Voyage
Sailors and Passengers
You're the Top
Reno Sweeney and Billy Crocker
Easy to Love
Billy Crocker
Easy to Love (Reprise)
Hope Harcourt
The Crew Song
Elisha J. Whitney
There'll Always Be A Lady Fair (Sailor's Chantey)
The Quartet
Moonface Martin and Reno Sweeney
It's De-lovely
Billy Crocker and Hope Harcourt
Anything Goes
Reno Sweeney and Sailors and Passengers
Act 2
Sung By
Public Enemy Number One
Captain, Purser and Passengers
Blow, Gabriel, Blow
Reno Sweeney, Angels and Passengers
Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye
Hope Harcourt
Be Like the Bluebird
Moonface Martin
All Through the Night
Billy Crocker, Hope Harcourt and The Quartet
The Gypsy in Me
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh and Reno Sweeney
Buddie, Beware
Erma and Sailors
Full Company
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