Opening Date
Jun 21, 1915
Closing Date
Sep 18, 1915


New Amsterdam Theatre
(Jun 21, 1915 - Sep 18, 1915)

music by Louis A. Hirsch; lyrics by Gene Buck
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Under the Sea
Hold Me in Your Loving Arms
My Zebra Lady Fair (Zebra Girl)
(music by Dave Stamper)
I Can't Do Without Girls
Twenty Years Ago
The Birth of a Chicken
My Radium Girl
Hello Frisco (I Called You Up to Say Hello)
I'll Bulid a Home in the U.S.A. (We'll Build a Little Home in the U.S.A.)
(music by Charles Elbert; lyrics by Ward Wesley)
Act 2
I'll Be a Santa Claus to You
If the Girlies Could Be Soldiers
(music by Dave Stamper)
Marie Odile
(lyrics by Channing Pollock and Rennold Wolf)
Go to Sleep, My Baby
(music by Irving Berlin; lyrics by Irving Berlin)
A Girl for Each Month in the Year
(lyrics by Channing Pollock and Rennold Wolf)
I'm Neutral
(music by Bert Williams; lyrics by Bert Williams)
Indoor Sports
(music by Seymour Furth; lyrics by Seymour Furth)
The Midnight Frolic Glide
(music by Dave Stamper and Will Vodery)

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