Opening Date
Aug 21, 1905
Closing Date
Nov 1905


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Broadway Theatre
(Aug 21, 1905 - Nov 04, 1905)
Grand Opera House
(Nov 20, 1905 - Nov 1905)

A musical in three acts

The forest, Vermont, the Dell, the cornfield, underneath the sea, Bermuda, and a cave

Produced by Klaw & Erlanger
Music by John W. Bratton; Book by Paul West and W.W. Denslow; Lyrics by Paul West; Musical Director: A. M. Langstaff
Scenic Design by W.W. Denslow; Costume Design by W.W. Denslow; Electrical Effects by Harry Bissing
Business Manager: Joseph Brooks
Captain Kidd
Lyonnaise Portugeeser
Spangle Wings
Captain Jinks
Pearl Pringle
Captain Bartholomew Roberts
Captain Blackbeard
Silver Clarion Quartette
Dancing Eyes
Joe Miller
Polly Premier
Midshipman Easy
Mother Carey
Sally Simpkins
The Corn Dodger
Ike Cannem
Davy Jones
Jimmy Gingerbread
Johnny Farnum
Silver Clarion Quartette
Captain Hick
Nancy Lee
Philip Vanderdecken
Mons. Gigot
Captain Dolphin
Captain Stede Bonnet
John Silver
John Doe
Captain Avery
Silver Clarion Quartette
Silver Clarion Quartette
Mr. Dudley
Sir Henry Morgan
music by John W. Bratton; lyrics by Paul West
Act 1
Sung By
The Fairies' Meeting
Who Makes the Finest Gingerbread?
John Doe and Chorus
My Party
Pearl Pringle and Chorus
Jack o' Lantern Joe
Johnny Farnum and Chorus
Sitting on the Starboard Tack
McGinty and Chorus
Stars Are Shining
Come, My Dear Love
Polly Premier and Chorus
When the Moon is in the Sky
Sally Simpkins and Chorus
We'll Hang Together
McGinty, John Doe and Ike Cannem
Act 2
Sung By
Pirates (Are) We
Male Chorus
McGinty, Pirates and Mermaids
(I'm) the Daughter of Annie Rooney
Nancy Lee and Male Chorus
A String of Pearls
Pearl Pringle and Fairies
Fighters of Flames Are We
Mother Carey and Chorus
Honeymoon Hall
Polly Premier and Jimmy Gingerbread
Hail to Our Queen
My Combination Girl
Ike Cannem and Sally Simpkins
The Phantom Ship
Philip Vanderdecken and Chorus
Act 3
Sung By
The Canny Canner
Ike Cannem and Chorus
Lily White
Polly Premier and Chorus
My Baby Elephant
Pearl Pringle and Johnny Farnum
It Is the English
McGinty and Chorus

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