MusicalComedy OperaOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Jan 29, 1906
Closing Date
Apr 07, 1906
MusicalComedy OperaOriginalBroadway


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Lyric Theatre
(Jan 29, 1906 - Apr 07, 1906)

An opera in three acts

A Mexican town

Music by Raymond Hubbell; Book by Clara Driscoll and Robert B. Smith; Lyrics by Clara Driscoll and Robert B. Smith; Musical Director: Herman Perlet
Staged by R.H. Burnside
Captain Carmona
an offier in the Mexican army
an Indian girl, vender of pottery
Juan Adrian
an Indian pulque seller
Senora Mendoza
aunt to Tita
Senorita Margarita Juarez
daughter of the governor of a Mexican state
Johnny Rocks
a Wall Street Broker
Duena to Margarita
Rodrigo Cortinez
a Mexican of wealth and leader of the revolutionis
Act 1
Sung By
How (Now) Do You Account for That?
Captain Carmona and Chorus
United We Stand
Rodrigo Cortinez and Chorus
Take Care, Senor
Senorita Margarita Juarez and Rodrigo Cortinez
Hark to the Voice of Your Lover
Juan Adrian
The Fickle Weather Vane
(I Am) The Wizard of Wall Street
Johnny Rocks
Johnny Rocks, Tita and Chorus
Act 2
Sung By
(The) Lorelei
Juan Adrian
We've Got a Lot to Learn
Johnny Rocks and Tita
Mrs. O'Ho
Johnny Rocks
Major Margery
Tita and Chorus
I've Heard So Much About You
Rodrigo Cortinez and Tita
Act 3
Sung By
The Bolero
Senorita Margarita Juarez, Johnny Rocks, Captain Carmona and Senora Mendoza
I Was Just Supposing
Tita, Rodrigo Cortinez and Senora Mendoza

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