MusicalComedy DramaOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Apr 30, 1906
Closing Date
May 05, 1906
MusicalComedy DramaOriginalBroadway


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Wallack's Theatre
(Apr 30, 1906 - May 05, 1906)

A musical in two acts

New York City

Music by Joseph E. Howard; Lyrics by Joseph E. Howard; Book by Joseph E. Howard
Staged by Joseph E. Howard
Scenic Design by Meixner and Frank Platzer; Costume Design by M. Simowitch and Mme. Osborne
Dan Lowton
Chinese Maiden
Mr. Partridge
Clinton Goddard
Willie Carter
Florrie Fenshaw
Chinese Maiden
Valeska Granger
Chinese Maiden
Chinese Maiden
Sam Grady
Jack Dunning
Hop Lee
Chinese Maiden
Tom Cole
Ezra Whittle
Chinese Maiden
The Belle of Chinatown
Chinese Maiden
Grace Lowton
Chinese Maiden
Tim Halloran
Jim Halloran
The Man Who Wants to Bet
Chinese Maiden
Chinese Maiden
music by Joseph E. Howard; lyrics by Joseph E. Howard
Act 1
Sung By
One and One Make One
Grace Lowton and Chorus
A Heart to Let
Florrie Fenshaw and Tom Cole
Act 2
Sung By
Sing Sung Sammy
The Belle of Chinatown and Chorus
What's the Use of Dreaming
Jim Halloran and Chorus
Old Broadway
Mr. Partridge and Chorus
The Big Banshee
Jack Dunning and Chorus
Union Square
Chinese Maidens

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