PlayFarce Play with musicOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Oct 29, 1900
Closing Date
Dec 08, 1900
PlayFarce Play with musicOriginalBroadway


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Bijou Theatre
(Oct 29, 1900 - Dec 08, 1900)

A play in three acts

John Smith's office, Malcolm Crane's apartment, and the New York Woman's Athletic Club

Produced by May Irwin
Written by Glen MacDonough; Music by Rosamond Johnson; Lyrics by Bob Cole and J. W. Johnson; Additional music by William J. Accooe, William Jefferson and Cissie Loftus; Additional lyrics by William Jefferson, Cissie Loftus and William J. Accooe; Musical Director: Watty Hydes
Directed by George A. Beane
Scenic Design by Louis & Macaughtry and Fox & Vincent
Miss Green
John Smith
Miss Roberts
Mrs. John Smith
Dr. Luke Craven
Phil Bonhomie
Mamie Cassidy
Miss Black
Bokhara Skitbollitski
Mary Doyle
Ariel Smith
A. J. Factor
Parepa Box
Roundsman Sharp
Agnes Crane
Alonzo Topping
Mrs. Marion Colby
Malcolm Crane
Miss Popkins
Ethelbert Box
Miss White
music by J. Rosamond Johnson; lyrics by Bob Cole and James Weldon Johnson
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Mabel Moore
(music by William J. Accooe; lyrics by William J. Accooe)
Ariel Smith
Dandy Soldier Coon
(music by William J. Accooe; lyrics by William J. Accooe)
Ariel Smith
I Ain't Gwine to Work No Mo
Ariel Smith
Act 2
Why Don't the Band Play?
(I've Got) Troubles of My Own
Dance on Friday Night
(music by William Jefferson; lyrics by William Jefferson)
Act 3
(Magdalene, My) Southern Queen
Bullfrog Ben
(music by Cissie Loftus; lyrics by Cissie Loftus)
(I'm Gwine to Marry) Angeline
(music by Cissie Loftus; lyrics by Cissie Loftus)

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