Opening Date
Nov 12, 1987
Closing Date
Jan 17, 1988
1st Preview
Nov 03, 1987
1st Preview
Nov 03, 1987


Minskoff Theatre
(Nov 12, 1987 - Jan 17, 1988)

The White House, Washington D.C. 1901-1904.

Theatre Owned / Operated by Minskoff Organization and James M. Nederlander
Produced by Hinks Shimberg; Produced in association with Jon Cutler; Associate Producer: Glen Cross, Clarice Swan Fitzgerald and Wilmor Four
Originally produced at The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
Music by John Philip Sousa; Original Music by Richard Kapp; Lyrics by Hal Hackady; Book by Jerome Alden; Music orchestrated by Jim Tyler; Vocal arrangements by Donald Pippin; Dance arrangements by Gordon Lowry Harrell; Musical Director: Larry Blank; Assistant Musical Dir.: Jim May
Directed by John Driver; Choreographed by Donald Saddler; Additional Musical staging by D. J. Giagni
Scenic Design by Robin Wagner; Costume Design by Theoni V. Aldredge; Lighting Design by Tharon Musser; Hair Design by Robert DiNiro and Alan Schubert; Make-Up Design by Robert DiNiro and Alan Schubert; Sound Design by Peter Fitzgerald
General Manager: Sylrich Management; Company Manager: G. Warren McClane
Production Stage Manager: Mary Porter Hall; Stage Manager: Marc Schlackman; Assistant Stage Mgr: John C. McNamara; Technical Supervisor: Theatrical Services, Inc.
Music adapted by Richard Kapp; Musical Supervisor: Donald Pippin; Music Contractor: George Berg
Creative Consultant: Alan Jay Lerner; Casting: Myers / Teschner; General Press Representative: Jeffrey Richards Associates; Advertising: Serino, Coyne & Nappi
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
Edith Roosevelt
Alice Roosevelt
Nick Longworth
Archie Roosevelt
Ted Roosevelt, Jr.
Quentin Roosevelt
James Amos
Kermit Roosevelt
J. P. Morgan
Admiral Murphy
Elliot Roosevelt
Ida Tarbell
Franklin Roosevelt
William Howard Taft
Eleanor Roosevelt
Ethel Roosevelt
Elihu Root
Henry Cabot Lodge
Officer O'Malley
Samuel Gompers
Belle Hagner
Understudies: Ellyn Arons (Ida Tarbell), Ruth Bormann (Eleanor Roosevelt), Tom Boyd (J. P. Morgan, Harriman, Henry Cabot Lodge, Elihu Root, William Howard Taft, Admiral Murphy, Samuel Gompers), Seth Granger (Ted Roosevelt, Jr.), Kathleen Gray (Belle Hagner), Mary Jay (Edith Roosevelt), Andrew Harrison Leeds (Kermit Roosevelt, Quentin Roosevelt, Archie Roosevelt), Keith Locke (Wheeler, Officer O'Malley), Diana Stadlen (Ethel Roosevelt), Gordon Stanley (Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt), Christopher Wells (Nick Longworth), Travis Layne Wright (James Amos) and Karen Ziemba (Alice Roosevelt)

Minskoff Theatre (Nov 12, 1987 - Jan 17, 1988)


Quentin Roosevelt
Archie Roosevelt
Elliot Roosevelt
Swing: Jan Mussetter
Understudy: Jeb Handwerger (Kermit Roosevelt, Quentin Roosevelt, Archie Roosevelt)
music by John Philip Sousa and Richard Kapp; lyrics by Hal Hackady
Act 1
Sung By
The Thunderer
This House
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Family, Friends, Staff and Reporters
But Not Right Now
Alice Roosevelt
She's Got to Go
William Howard Taft, Elihu Root and Henry Cabot Lodge
The Fourth of July
Alice Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Edith Roosevelt, Ted Roosevelt, Jr., Kermit Roosevelt, Ethel Roosevelt, Archie Roosevelt and Quentin Roosevelt
Edith Roosevelt
The Coming-Out Party Dance
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Alice Roosevelt, Nick Longworth, Edith Roosevelt and Guests
Leg o Mutton
Alice Roosevelt, Nick Longworth and Guests
Not Love
Nick Longworth, William Howard Taft, Elihu Root and Henry Cabot Lodge
Her Father's Daughter
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
Perfect for Each Other
Nick Longworth
He's Got to Go
William Howard Taft, Elihu Root, Henry Cabot Lodge and Nick Longworth
Wave the Flag
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Edith Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Roosevelt Children, Harriman, Morgan, Hecklers and Supporter
Act 2
Sung By
The Fourth of July (Reprise)
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
Nothing to Lose
Nick Longworth and Alice Roosevelt
Election Eve
William Howard Taft, Elihu Root, Henry Cabot Lodge, J. P. Morgan and Reporters
Perfect for Each Other (Reprise)
Alice Roosevelt
Can I Let Her Go?
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt
Private Thoughts
William Howard Taft, Elihu Root, Henry Cabot Lodge, Edith Roosevelt, Ted Roosevelt, Jr., Ethel Roosevelt, Kermit Roosevelt, Archie Roosevelt, Quentin Roosevelt, Servants, Staff and Reporters
This House (Reprise)
Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Edith Roosevelt and Guests
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