Opening Date
Jun 21, 1951
Closing Date
Nov 24, 1951


Broadhurst Theatre
(Jun 21, 1951 - Nov 24, 1951)

Indianapolis. 1907.

Theatre Operated by Affiliated Theatre Building Co., Inc.; Theatre Owned by The Shubert Organization
Music by Walter Kent; Lyrics by Kim Gannon; Book by Sally Benson; Based on the novel by Booth Tarkington; Music arranged by Ted Royal; Musical Director: Vincent Travers; Choral arrangements by Crane Calder; Dance Musical Arrangements by Jesse Meeker
Staged by Hassard Short; Book Directed by Richard Whorf; Dances and Musical Numbers by Dania Krupska
Scenic Design by Stewart Chaney; Costume Design by David Ffolkes; Lighting Design by Hassard Short; Assistant to Mr. Chaney: Melvin Bourne; Assistant to Mr. Ffolkes: Frank Thompson
General Manager: Nick Holde
Production Stage Manager: Robert Downing; Stage Manager: Jerry Adler
Music Contractor: Jack Maisell
Press Representative: Richard Maney and Frank Goodman; Assistant to Miss Krupska: Rex Cooper; Assistant to Mr. Short: William Strahlman; Dance Captain: Richard France
Mr. Baxter
Mrs. Parcher
Singer with the Orchestra
Mr. Genesis
Mr. Parcher
Lola Pratt
Mrs. Baxter
Singer with the Orchestra
Joe Bullitt
Singer with the Orchestra
Singer with the Orchestra
May Parcher
George Crooper
Willie Baxter
Singer with the Orchestra
Jane Baxter
Johnnie Watson
Singer with the Orchestra
Singer with the Orchestra
Singer with the Orchestra
Understudies: Penny Bancroft (Mrs. Baxter), Carol Cole (Emmie), Rochelle Enker (Jane Baxter), Richard France (Joe Bullitt), Joseph James (Genesis, Mr. Genesis), Dick Kallman (Willie Baxter), Al McGranary (Mr. Baxter, Mr. Parcher), Jim Moore (Johnnie Watson), Greg O'Brien (Alternate Dancer), Bill Reilly (George Crooper) and Paula Stewart (Lola Pratt, May Parcher)
music by Walter Kent; lyrics by Kim Gannon
Act 1
Sung By
Weatherbee's Drug Store
Joe Bullitt, Don, Lester, Charlie, Darrell, Dave and Johnnie Watson
This Was Just Another Day
Lola Pratt and Willie Baxter
Things Are Gonna Hum This Summer
Lola Pratt, May Parcher, Emmie, Joe Bullitt, Johnnie Watson, Charlie, Madge, Lester and Friends
How Do You Do, Miss Pratt?
Willie Baxter
Summertime Is Summertime
Emmie, Lester, May Parcher, Joe Bullitt and Friends
Lola Pratt, Don, Charlie, Lester, Dave, Darrell and Johnnie Watson
Ode to Lola
May Parcher, Emmie, Nan, Madge, Ida, Jenny and Sue
Headache and Heartache
Mrs. Baxter and Mr. Baxter
OO-OOO-OOO, What You Do to Me
George Crooper
Act 2
Sung By
The Hoosier Way
George Crooper, Emmie, Lester, Charlie, Ida and Friends
I Could Get Married Today
Willie Baxter, Genesis and Mr. Genesis
After All, It's Spring
May Parcher, Joe Bullitt and Friends
If We Only Could Stop the Old Town Clock
Lola Pratt, Willie Baxter, George Crooper, Joe Bullitt, May Parcher, Emmie and Friends
After All, It's Spring (Reprise)
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1952 Recipient
Dick Kallman and Helen Wood

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