Opening Date
Apr 02, 1904
Closing Date
Nov 19, 1904


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Casino Theatre
(Apr 02, 1904 - Nov 19, 1904)

A musical in two acts

Atlantic City and Mrs. Montague's house

Produced by F. C. Whitney
Music by Jean Schwartz; Book by Stanislaus Stange; Lyrics by William Jerome; Musical Director: J. Sebastian Hiller; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler; Additional lyrics by Stanislaus Stange
Directed by Gerard Coventry; Choreographed by Gus Sohlke
Scenic Design by Homer Emens and Edward G. Unitt; Costume Design by Caroline F. Siedle
Electrical Effects by Joseph Menchen
Cora Melon
Dick Daily
Mrs. Lillian Montague
Peter Pouffle
Miss Delaware
Miss Bean
Encora Melon
Nora Melon
Macaroni Paffle
Miss Slow
Miss Bacon
Miss Cotton
Miss Turtle
August Melon
Miss West
Miss Trust
Lord George Piffle
Rose Melon
Joe Silver
music by Jean Schwartz; lyrics by William Jerome
Act 1
Sung By
Under Our Lovely Umbrellas
I Have Interviewed the Wide, Wide World
Dick Daily and Chorus
(The) Melancholy Sunbeam and the Rose
Lord George Piffle and Chorus
Macaroni Paffle and Chorus
I Don't Want Any Wurtzberger
August Melon and Bathing Girls
We Really Ought to Be Married
Mrs. Lillian Montague, Rose Melon, Cora Melon, Encora Melon, Nora Melon and August Melon
Under the Goo Goo Tree
Nora Melon, Easter Girls and Chorus
Dear Old Manhattan Isle
August Melon and Chorus
Pixie's Entrance
Peter Pouffle and Pony Ballet
The Ghost That Never Walked
Peter Pouffle and Pony Ballet
My Unkissed Man
Rose Melon
Act 2
Sung By
Good Night, My Own Love
Lord George Piffle and Chorus
Love, Love, Love
Rose Melon and Summer Girls and Boys
Macaroni Paffle and Chorus
Barney Donohue
Nora Melon and Chorus
I'm So Happy
Peter Pouffle
Radium Dance
Pony Ballet
Dolly Dimples
Cora Melon and Chorus
For You
August Melon
March of the Flags
Principals and Chorus

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