MusicalOpera RomanceOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Nov 09, 1903
Closing Date
Apr 1904
MusicalOpera RomanceOriginalBroadway


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Lyric Theatre
(Nov 09, 1903 - Jan 02, 1904)
Grand Opera House
(Apr 25, 1904 - Apr 1904)

An opera in two acts

The Town of Romancia and the Castle of Countess von Draga

Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.
Music by Reginald De Koven; Book by Charles Klein; Lyrics by Charles Emerson Cook; Musical Director: Louis F. Gottschalk; Additional lyrics by A. Baldwin Sloane and James T. Waldon; Additional music by A. Baldwin Sloane
Directed by Joseph W. Herbert and Max Figman; Choreographed by Joseph C. Smith
Costume Design by Caroline Seidle; Scenic Design by Ernest Albert
Colonel McPatrick
Captain Baget
Count Zeegan
Mlle. Fifine
A Duchess
Lieutenant Detrich
A Countess
Senor Romboza
H.R.H. Crown Prince of Romancia
A Baroness
Bagstock Bowler
Colonel Furbis
Baron Bulverstrauss
Lieutenant Reger
Captain Trevors
Chief of Police
A Marquise
Countess Hilda von Draga
Colonel Neva
music by Reginald De Koven; lyrics by Charles Emerson Cook
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
A Boatman
Colonel Furbis
Baron Bulverstrauss, Colonel McPatrick and Bagstock Bowler
The Little Milliner
Mlle. Fifine and Milliners
Song of the Guards
Captain Trevors and Chorus of Guards
(A) Prince of Good Fellows
H.R.H. Crown Prince of Romancia and Chorus
Entrance of Hilda
Countess Hilda von Draga
Lessons in Verse
Mlle. Fifine, Anita, Baron Bulverstrauss and H.R.H. Crown Prince of Romancia
To Call Thee Mine
Countess Hilda von Draga and Captain Trevors
If I Only Had a Mustache Like the Kaiser
Baron Bulverstrauss
Act 2
Sung By
The Conspirators
The Merry Cavalier
Countess Hilda von Draga
The Humorous Ghost
Colonel McPatrick and Chorus
There's a Little Street in Heave (That They Call Broadway)
(music by A. Baldwin Sloane; lyrics by A. Baldwin Sloane and James T. Waldon)
Baron Bulverstrauss
Garden of Dreams
Countess Hilda von Draga
A Madrigal
Countess Hilda von Draga, Anita, Captain Trevors and Colonel McPatrick
The Rose and the Breeze
Bird Song
Mo Tichi-titi
Mlle. Fifine
Arrest Him
Triumph March

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