PlayDrama Play with musicRevivalBroadway
Opening Date
Sep 07, 1903
Closing Date
Oct 31, 1903
PlayDrama Play with musicRevivalBroadway


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Haverly's 14th Street Theatre
(Sep 07, 1903 - Oct 31, 1903)

A play in three acts

The ruins of St. Kevin's Abbey, Arrah's cottage at Larragh, the armory at O'Grady's house, and Ballybetagh Castle

Produced by Rich & Harris; Produced by arrangement with Louise Thorndyke
Written by Dion Boucicault; Additional text by E.H. House; Incidental music by Dion Boucicault; Music by Andrew Mack; Lyrics by Andrew Mack; Featuring songs with lyrics by Dion Boucicault; Featuring songs by E.H. House; Musical Director: William P. Brown
Staged by William Seymour
Tim Conolly
Arrah Meelish
Andy Regan
Oiny Farrell
Kathleen Boyle
Katty Walsh
Con Reilly
Major Coffin
Eileen O'Donnell
Murtagh Delaney
The Sergeant
Fanny Power
Shaun, the Post
Paddy Finch
Tim Cogan
Michael Feeny
Colonel Bagenal O'Grady
Bridget Maguire
Pat Ryan
Barney Nolan
Beamish McCoul
Anne Shaughnessy
Norah Cavanaugh
Elsie O'Brien
Ducie Tiernan
Molly Ryan
Molly McCarthy
music by Andrew Mack; lyrics by Andrew Mack
(Unless otherwise noted)
We'll Hurry to the Church and Get Married
Shaun, the Post
You Are My Star, for I Love You
Shaun, the Post
An Irishman's Lilt
Shaun, the Post
For Home and Ireland
Shaun, the Post
The Wearing of the Green
(lyrics by Dion Boucicault and E.H. House)
Shaun, the Post

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