Opening Date
Nov 27, 1918
Closing Date
May 10, 1919


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Princess Theatre
(Nov 27, 1918 - Apr 19, 1918)
39th Street Theatre
(Apr 21, 1919 - May 10, 1919)

A Musical Comedy in Two Acts

The Rockett Health Farm

Book by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse; Music by Louis A. Hirsch; Lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse; Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld; Additional music by Jean Schwartz; Featuring songs by Jerome Kern and Benjamin Hapgood Burt; Featuring songs with lyrics by Roy Atwell
Directed by Robert Milton and Edward Royce
Scenic Design by Robert Milton; Costume Design by Harry Collins; Men's clothes designed by Croydon, Ltd.
Broadway Willie Burbank
Miss Beekman
Georgie Van Alstyne
Grace Spelvin
Mrs. Rockett
Miss Lennox
Miss Schuyler
Miss Stuyvesant
Joe Plummer
Jennie Wren
Neal Clarke
Harry Coppins
Miss Barclay
Dr. Rockett
Miss Bryant
Miss Audobon
Willie Love
Miss Franklin
Nan Hatton
Miss Rhinelander
Miss Cortlandt
Bruce Allenby
Hilda Rockett
Miss Greeley
Frank Lynn
music by Louis A. Hirsch; lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
I Shall Be All Right Now
Broadway Willie Burbank and Girls
I Wonder Whether (I've Loved You All My Life)
Bruce Allenby and Hilda Rockett
Ask Dad
Georgie Van Alstyne, Broadway Willie Burbank, Dr. Rockett, Pickles and Babe
Our City of Dreams
Hilda Rockett and Girls
Come Where Nature Calls
Mrs. Rockett, Bruce Allenby, Hilda Rockett, Dr. Rockett and Girls
Phoebe Snow
Jennie Wren and Girls
Act 2
Sung By
Go, Little Boat
(music by Jerome Kern)
Hilda Rockett, Boys and Girls
You Never Know
Bruce Allenby, Hilda Rockett, Babe, Girls and Boys
Try Again
Bruce Allenby, Hilda Rockett and Jennie Wren
It Sort of Makes a Fellow Stop and Think
(music by Benjamin Hapgood Burt; lyrics by Roy Atwell)
Broadway Willie Burbank
Childhood Days
Bruce Allenby, Dr. Rockett, Bagshott, Georgie Van Alstyne, Babe and Pickles
Oh, My Dear
I'd Ask No More
Hilda Rockett, Jennie Wren and Boys
If They Ever Parted Me from You
Broadway Willie Burbank and Jennie Wren

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