Opening Date
Oct 24, 1918
Closing Date
Mar 15, 1919


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Broadhurst Theatre
(Oct 24, 1918 - Dec 1918)
Nora Bayes Theatre
(Dec 30, 1918 - Mar 15, 1919)

A Musical in Three Acts

Uncle Tody's house, the gardens of Benny and Benton, and Betty Burt's house

Produced by H. H. Frazee
Music by A. Baldwin Sloane; Book by Harry B. Smith; Lyrics by Harry B. Smith; Based on a play by Charles H. Hoyt; Musical Director: Oscar Radin; Additional music by Nora Bayes, Seymour Simons, George Gershwin, Harry Clarke and Harry Akst; Additional lyrics by Irving Fisher, Seymour Simons, Ira Gershwin, Schuyler Greene and Harry Clarke; Featuring songs by James Brockmann and James Kendl
Staged by Frank Smithson
Scenic Design by D. Frank Dodge and William Castle
Betty Burt
Lefty McGuirk
D. C. Washington
Mrs. Ebbsmith
Benton Holmes
Brighton Betts
Uncle Tody
Little Jack
Larry Burt
music by A. Baldwin Sloane; lyrics by Harry B. Smith
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Happy Days
Uncle Tody, Larry Burt and Brighton Betts
(I'm Always Happy with a) Crowd of Girls
Larry Burt and Girls
Without You
(music by Irving Fisher; lyrics by Nora Bayes)
Betty Burt
(When I) Build a Home
(music by Irving Fisher; lyrics by Nora Bayes)
Betty Burt and Benton Holmes
Act 2
Sung By
The Tea Party
Betty Burt and Girls
(music by Harry Clarke; lyrics by Harry Clarke)
Betty Burt
(Just) What a Girl Can Do
Betty Burt and Girls
The Older They Get the Harder They Fall
(music by James Brockmann, James Kendl and Nat Vincent; lyrics by James Brockmann, James Kendl and Nat Vincent)
Uncle Tody
What a Man Can Do (Just What a Girl Can Do)
Benton Holmes, Uncle Tody, Brighton Betts, Little Jack and D. C. Washington
On to Victory
Act 3
Sung By
(The Real) American Folk Song (is a Rag)
(music by George Gershwin; lyrics by Ira Gershwin)
Larry Burt and Girls
All My Life
(music by Harry Akst, Nora Bayes and Irving Fisher; lyrics by Harry Akst, Nora Bayes and Irving Fisher)
Benton Holmes
Me and You
(music by Harry Akst and Irving Fisher; lyrics by Nora Bayes)
Benton Holmes and Betty Burt
Good-bye France (You'll Never Be Forgotten by the U.S.A.)
(music by Irving Berlin; lyrics by Irving Berlin)
Betty Burt

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