SpecialComedy ExtravaganzaOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Oct 19, 1918
Closing Date
Oct 04, 1919
SpecialComedy ExtravaganzaOriginalBroadway


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Greenwich Village Theatre
(Oct 19, 1918 - Nov 1918)
Cort Theatre
(Nov 18, 1918 - Jun 1919)
Booth Theatre
(Jun 16, 1919 - Aug 21, 1919)
Booth Theatre
(Sep 08, 1919 - Oct 04, 1919)

A Comedy with Music in Two Acts, 7 Scenes and an Epilogue

Performances suspended from Aug. 21-Sept. 8, 1919 due to Actors' Equity Strike.

Before Novermber 10, 1918 somewhere in France and somewhere in England

Book by Bruce Bairnsfather and Capt. Arthur Elliott; Music by Herman Darewski; Lyrics by Percival Knight and James Heard; Music arranged by Herman Darewski; Musical Director: Eliott Schenck; Featuring songs by Florence Methven, Oliver DeGerde and Peter Bernard; Featuring songs with lyrics by Marion Gillespie and W. R. Titterton
Staged by Percival Knight; Choreographed by Lily Leonora
Scenic Design by Ernest Albert; Costume Design by Christie and Co. and Mme. Broich
Maggie, Mrs. Bill Busby
A French Porter
Helene from Belgium
Military Postman
An Old Villager
A Tommy
Old Bill
A Tommy
Suzette from France
A Tommy
A Tommy
A Tommy
Maggie from Scotland
Rosa from Italy
Peg from Canada
A Tommy
The Vicar
A Tommy
Suzette from France
Captain of the Women's Workers' Camp
A Tommy
The Sergeant Major
A French Officer
Captain Milne
A Spy
Mollie from Ireland
Mary Brown from America
A Tommy
The Colonel
A Tommy
Nancy from England
music by Herman Darewski; lyrics by James Heard and Percival Knight
(Unless otherwise noted)
(lyrics by James Heard)
Suzette from France and Tommies
(When You Take) That Trip Across the Rhine
(music by Percival Knight; lyrics by Percival Knight)
Captain of the Women's Workers' Camp and Women War Workers
(My Word! Ain't We) Carrying On
(lyrics by Herman Darewski, Melville Gideon, James Heard and Percival Knight)
Bert, Alf and Old Bill
We Wish We Was in Blighty
(lyrics by W. R. Titterton)
Bert, Alf and Old Bill
When You Look in the Heart of a Rose
(music by Florence Methven; lyrics by Marion Gillespie)
(She's) Venus de Milo (to Me)
(music by Peter Bernard and Oliver DeGerde; lyrics by Peter Bernard and Oliver DeGerde)
Old Bill
Je sais que vous etes gentil
(music by P.H. Christine and Percival Knight; lyrics by Grant Stewart)
Berthe and Bert
(Have a Little) Regiment of Our Own
(music by Percival Knight; lyrics by Percival Knight)
Bert and French Girls
Regiment of Our Own
Bert and Mollie from Ireland

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