MusicalComedy MelodramaOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Jul 22, 1915
Closing Date
Sep 03, 1915
MusicalComedy MelodramaOriginalBroadway


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44th Street Theatre
(Jul 22, 1915 - Sep 03, 1915)

A musical in two acts

The Orange Glove, the Office of Fake Kennedy, the Animated Screen, the Tango Dental Parlor, Baliffe Beach, Bilkmore by the Sea, Sing Sing, and Fudge's house

Book by Edgar Smith; Music by E. Ray Goetz and Sigmund Romberg; Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz; Additional music by Jean Schwartz, Bert Grant, Joe Young and Cole Porter; Additional lyrics by Cole Porter, Grant Clarke, Harold Atteridge and William Jerome; Musical Director: William Daly; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler
Staged by J. H. Benrimo; Choreographed by Theodore Kosloff; Polish Ballet in Act 2 arranged by Jack Mason; Modern dances arranged by Maurice Barrett
Waltz King
Helene Fudge
Violet Lavender
Mr. Need-in-time
Strong Arm Steve
Fake Kennedy
Mlle. Marcelle
Obadiah Fudge
Harry Lightfoot
Percy Bonehead
Simp Watson
F.C. Centric
Cow-Boy Will
Sergeant Murphy
La Belle Claire
music by E. Ray Goetz and Sigmund Romberg; lyrics by E. Ray Goetz
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Orange Girl
Mlle. Marcelle and Chorus
Percy Bonehead and Chorus
I'm Simply Crazy Over You
(music by Jean Schwartz; lyrics by William Jerome)
Percy Bonehead, Helene Fudge and Chorus
Cling a Little Closer
Waltz King, La Belle Claire, Percy Bonehead and Helene Fudge
Principals and Chorus
It's a Clue
Fake Kennedy
(On) The Levee Along Broadway
Harry Lightfoot, Mlle. Marcelle and Chorus
Come On In, the Water's Fine
La Belle Claire and Percy Bonehead
The Best Little Sweetheart of All
Waltz King and Kiddies
Opening of Atlantic City
(Cute Little) Summery Time
Helene Fudge and Chorus
How Do You Do, Good-bye
Helene Fudge and Percy Bonehead
(music by Cole Porter; lyrics by Cole Porter)
Waltz King and La Belle Claire
Way Down on Honolulu Bay
Simp Watson and Chorus
Evolution of Ragtime
Entire Company
Act 2
Sung By
(The) Pirate's Rag
(music by Bert Grant and Joe Young; lyrics by Grant Clarke and E. Ray Goetz)
Percy Bonehead
(Sing Sing) Tango Tea
(music by Sigmund Romberg; lyrics by Harold Atteridge)
Waltz King and La Belle Claire
Tiffany Girl
Helene Fudge and Male Chorus

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