Opening Date
Sep 19, 1910
Closing Date
Closing date unknown


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Gaiety Theatre
(Sep 19, 1910 - Closing date unknown)
George M. Cohan's Theatre
(Feb 13, 1911 - Closing date unknown)

Produced by Cohan & Harris
Written by George M. Cohan; Musical Director: Max Schmidt; Music by George M. Cohan; Additional music by Leo Fall, Egbert Van Alstyne and Karl Hoschna; from the novel by George Randolph Chester
Staged By: George M. Cohan
Stage Manager: Samuel Forest
Press Representative: Walter J. Kingsley
Gertrude Dempsey
The Landlord's Daughter
Tom Donahue
A Pinkerton Detective
Horace Daw
"Blackie," Wallingford's Pal
Wallingford's Valet
Bessie Meers
The Head Waitress
J. Rufus Wallingford
A Get-Rich-Quick Man
E.B. Lott
of the Midland Valley Lines
Judge Kenneth B. Lampton
Ex-Judge, Practicing Law
Timothy Battles
Mayor of Battlesburg
"Andy" Dempsey
Landlord of the Palace Hotel
Richard Welles
The Real Estate Broker
Edward Lamb
The Head Clerk
Abe Gunther
The Bus Driver
The Office Boy
Clint Harkins
Reporter on the Blade
Fannie Jasper
A Stenographer
G.W. Battles
The Richest Man in Town
Henry Quigg
Coal and Ice Magnate
Mrs. "Andy" Dempsey
The Landlord's Wife
Dorothy Welles
Gertrude Dempsey's Chum
The Man Who Owns Broadway
A Waltz- Bruderleinfein
The Girlies
The Talk of New York
Madame Sherry
Little Johnny Jones

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