Opening Date
Feb 20, 1911
Closing Date
Mar 11, 1911


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Criterion Theatre
(Feb 20, 1911 - Mar 11, 1911)

A musical in three acts

Washington Heights, New York City

Music by Albert Von Tilzer; Book by Junie McCree and Sydney Rosenfeld; Lyrics by Junie McCree and Sydney Rosenfeld; Featuring songs by Phil Schwartz; Featuring songs with lyrics by Harold Atteridge; Musical Director: Rudolf Berliner
Staged by George W. Lederer
Scenic Design by Ernest Albert; Costume Design by Frazee and Lederer's Costume Department
Nell Grogan
Mrs. Wabash
Tom Dawson
Mrs. Madison
Mrs. Washington
Popsy's Little Sister
Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Adams
Herman Schultz
Officer Flannigan
Dick Brennan
Mrs. Monroe
Mrs. Ricketts
Martha Jelliman
Harry Jelliman
Mrs. Dearborn
Mrs. Lake
Jane Ricketts
Anastasia McIntyre
Post L. Carried
Minnie Randolph
music by Albert Von Tilzer; lyrics by Junie McCree and Sydney Rosenfeld
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
Tom Dawson
(We Are) Laughing Widows
Minnie Randolph and Widows
Because It Can't Sit Down
New York and Chicago
(lyrics by Junie McCree)
Minnie Randolph and Dick Brennan
The Happiest Night of His Life
Tom Dawson, Dick Brennan and Harry Jelliman
There's One Born Every Minute
(music by Phil Schwartz; lyrics by Harold Atteridge)
Dick Brennan
Act 2
Sung By
Officer Flannigan and Mrs. Ricketts
I'm Just Out of My Teens
Jane Ricketts and College Boys
Nectar for the Gods
Mrs. Ricketts, Tom Dawson, Dick Brennan and Harry Jelliman
A Joy Ride
Jane Ricketts and Tom Dawson
Blind Man's Bluff
Harry Jelliman, Officer Flannigan and Jane's Guests
Things Left Unsaid
Dick Brennan
The Fiddler Must Be Paid
Minnie Randolph and Tom Dawson
Act 3
Sung By
Tom Dawson and Jane Ricketts
What a Difference When You're Married
Popsy and Officer Flannigan
Little Church Around the Corner
Widows and College Boys
Twenty-Four Hours of Love
Dick Brennan

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