Opening Date
Aug 30, 1910
Closing Date
Mar 11, 1911


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New Amsterdam Theatre
(Aug 30, 1910 - Mar 11, 1911)

A musical in three acts

Manhattan and the Yacht 'Yvonne' in New York Harbor and off Coney Island

Music by Karl Hoschna; Book by Otto Hauerbach; Lyrics by Otto Hauerbach; Based on the German musical by Benno Jacobson, Maurice Ordonneau, Paul Burani and Hugo Felix; Book adapted by Charles E. Hands and Adrian Ross; Featuring songs by Hugo Felix, Harry Von Tilzer and Phil Schwartz; Featuring songs with lyrics by Harold Atteridge, Junie McCree and Edward Madden; Musical Director: Hans S. Linne
Staged by George W. Lederer
Costume Design by Mme. Francis and Kate Keeler; Scenic Design by Ernest Albert
Yvonne Sherry
Dorothy Pelham
Florence Brevoort
Edward Sherry
Helen Van Ness
Uncle Theophilus Sherry
Bertha Von Hutton
Betty Palmer
Eleanor de Peyster
Irene Vandervelt
Loy De Puyster
Leonard Gomez
Marion Pallerson
Myrtle Stuyvesant
Florence Astoria
Ruth Amsterdam
music by Karl Hoschna; lyrics by Otto Hauerbach
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Aesthetic Dancing
Lulu and Dancing Class
Edward Sherry and Lulu
Every Little Movement
Lulu and Leonard Gomez
The Kiss You Gave
Pepita, Lulu and Leonard Gomez
Uncle Says I Mustn't, So I Won't
Yvonne Sherry, Leonard Gomez and Lulu
The Birth of the Butterfly
Yvonne Sherry and Fifth Avenue Girls
You Can't Argue
Uncle Theophilus Sherry
The Smile She Means for You
Yvonne Sherry, Edward Sherry, Lulu, Leonard Gomez, Uncle Theophilus Sherry and Catherine
The Love Dance
Yvonne Sherry and Edward Sherry
Act 2
Sung By
Athletic Prancing
Sherru's Pupils
Won't Some One Take Me Home
Catherine and Girls
The Other Fellow
Yvonne Sherry and Phillippe
The Dublin Rag
(music by Phil Schwartz; lyrics by Harold Atteridge)
I'm All Right
Yvonne Sherry
Terzetto Buffo
(music by Hugo Felix)
Uncle Theophilus Sherry, Lulu, Leonard Gomez, Phillippe, Catherine and Edward Sherry
The Birth of Passion
Edward Sherry and Yvonne Sherry
Off for a Sail
Act 3
Sung By
Yvonne Sherry
Mr. Johnson, Good Night
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
(music by Harry Von Tilzer; lyrics by Junie McCree)
The Mad Madrid and the Dance of Danger
(music by Harry Von Tilzer; lyrics by Edward Madden)
Pepita and Bobby
I Want to Play a House with You
Yvonne Sherry and Edward Sherry
We Are Only Poor, Weak Mortals (After All)
Uncle Theophilus Sherry
The Seduction
(music by Hugo Felix)
Uncle Theophilus Sherry, Lulu, Pepita and Catherine

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