Opening Date
Mar 06, 1911
Closing Date
Mar 25, 1911


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New York Theatre
(Mar 06, 1911 - Mar 25, 1911)

A musical in three acts

The country home of Major Buchanan

Music by Karl Hoschna; Book by Richard Carle and Sydney Rosenfeld; Lyrics by Richard Carle and Sydney Rosenfeld; Musical Director: Hans S. Linne; Featuring songs by Grace LeBoy, Harry Auracher, Irving Berlin and Albert Von Tilzer; Featuring songs with lyrics by Junie McCree, Gus Kahn, Francis DeWitt and Ted Snyder
Staged by Richard Carle
Scenic Design by Lee Lash & Co. and D. Frank Dodge; Costume Design by Lucile, Frazee and Lederer's Costume Department
Elsie Buchanan
Robert Winthrop
Miss Winston
Miss Ranier
Caroline Goodwillie
Professor Goodwillie
Mrs. Anastasia Kidd
Molly Pebbleford
Stephen Buchanan
Miss Chalmers
Miss Hupp
Miss Renault
Marmaduke Bright
Miss Cadillac
Connie Curtiss
Major Felix Buchanan
Miss Pierce
Toby Pebbleford
Miss Buick
Miss Daimler
Miss Lozier
Miss Locomobile
Miss Packard
Genevieve Buchanan
music by Karl Hoschna; lyrics by Richard Carle and Sydney Rosenfeld
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Give Me a Good Havana
Major Felix Buchanan, Toby Pebbleford, Robert Winthrop and Marmaduke Bright
The Mail Man
Little Girl I Love You
Elsie Buchanan and Robert Winthrop
To the Strains of that Wedding March
(music by Grace LeBoy; lyrics by Gus Kahn)
Professor Goodwillie and Girls
I Like to Have a Flock of Men Around Me
(music by Harry Auracher; lyrics by Francis DeWitt)
Connie Curtiss, Robert Winthrop, Major Felix Buchanan, Toby Pebbleford and Marmaduke Bright
Act 2
Sung By
Oh, Innocent Young Thing
Elsie Buchanan and Girls
Pet of the Family
Molly Pebbleford and Girls
Thanks You, (Kind Sir!, Said She)
(music by Irving Berlin; lyrics by Ted Snyder)
Professor Goodwillie and Connie Curtiss
(music by Harry Auracher; lyrics by Francis DeWitt)
Molly Pebbleford, Stephen Buchanan and Girls
I Am a Poor Unfortunate
Full Company
Act 3
Sung By
Bill and Coo
Elsie Buchanan, Robert Winthrop and Girls
Oh You Chicago, Oh You New York
(music by Albert Von Tilzer; lyrics by Junie McCree)
Professor Goodwillie and Connie Curtiss
Possum Rag
Mrs. Anastasia Kidd
Angle Worm Wriggle
Toby Pebbleford
Only a Man
(music by Grace LeBoy; lyrics by Gus Kahn)
Connie Curtiss

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