Opening Date

Aug 04, 1958

Closing Date

Dec 13, 1958

PlayComedyOriginalNational Tour


In Auntie Mame's Beekman apartment and various other locales in which she becomes involved during a period of years from 1928 to 1946.

Produced by Robert Fryer and Lawrence Carr
Written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee; Based on the Novel by Patrick Dennis
Entire Production Directed by Morton DaCosta
Production Design by Oliver Smith; Costumes Supervised by Michael Travis; Miss Arden's clothes by Travis Banton (for Marusia); Lighting Design by Peggy Clark; Hair Styles by Ronald De Mann
Company Manager: David Lawlor, Jr.
Production Manager: Robert Linden; Production Stage Manager: Duane Camp; Stage Manager: Walter Riemer and Frank Roberts; Assistant Stage Mgr: Dick Kaiser and Sellwyn Myers
Press Representative: Arthur Cantor and Ted Goldsmith
Auntie Mame
Vera Charles
Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside
Mr. Babcock
Emory Macdougal
a groom
Doris Upson
Cousin Fan
Patrick Dennis, as a young man
Pegeen Ryan
Patrick Dennis, as a boy
Michael Dennis
Al Linden
the stage manager
M. Lindsay Woolsey
Agnes Gooch
another groom
Norah Muldoon
Lord Dudley
Mr. Loomis
Cousin Moultrie
Brian O'Bannion
Bishop ElefTharosees
Theatre Manager
Cousin Jeff
Mother Burnside
Mr. Waldo
a paper hanger
Dr. Shurr
a vet
Sally Cato MacDougal
Ralph Devine
Gloria Upson
Claude Upson
Customer's Son
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Engagement Dates


City and State

Oct 07, 1958 - Dec 13, 1958
San Francisco, CA
Aug 14, 1958 - Oct 04, 1958
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 04, 1958 - Aug 09, 1958
San Diego, CA