Opening Date
Jan 25, 1982
Closing Date
Feb 21, 1982
1st Preview
Jan 15, 1982
1st Preview
Jan 15, 1982


Little Theatre
(Jan 25, 1982 - Feb 21, 1982)

Written by William Alfred; Incidental music by Claibe Richardson; Music orchestrated by Bruce Pomahac
Directed by Gerald Gutierrez
Scenic Design by John Lee Beatty; Costume Design by Nancy Potts; Lighting Design by Dennis Parichy; Sound Design by David Rapkin; Wig Design by Paul Huntley; Ms. Dunaway's wigs created by Suga
General Manager: Dorothy Olim Associates, Inc.; Assistant to the Company Manager: George Elmer
Production Stage Manager: Franklin Keysar; Assistant Stage Mgr: Mary E. Baird
Casting: Johnson-Liff Associates; General Press Representative: Fred Nathan & Associates; Advertising: Serino, Coyne & Nappi; Photographer: Terry O'Neill; Speech Consultant: Robert Williams; Graphic Artist: Linda Fennimore
Frances Walsh
Frances Anna Duffy
Fran Duffy
Frances Anna Duffy Walsh
Minnie Crump
Man with Newspaper
Herman Crump
Gertrude Graham Finn
Aloysius "Wishy" Burke
John Joseph "Jo Jo" Finn
Gertrude "Lulu" Fitter
Lulu Fitter
Gertrude "Lulu" Fitter Malardino
Martin "Lugs" Walsh
Pasquale "Packy" Malardino
Martin Thomas Walsh
J. Stanislaus McGahey
Standby: Joan MacIntosh (Fran Duffy, Frances Anna Duffy Walsh, Frances Anna Duffy, Frances Walsh, Gertrude Graham Finn)
Understudies: Mary E. Baird (Gertrude "Lulu" Fitter Malardino, Gertrude "Lulu" Fitter, Minnie Crump, Lulu Fitter), Dale Helward (John Joseph "Jo Jo" Finn, Herman Crump), Rich Rand (Aloysius "Wishy" Burke, Martin Thomas Walsh) and Thomas A. Stewart (J. Stanislaus McGahey, Martin "Lugs" Walsh, Pasquale "Packy" Malardino)

Little Theatre (Jan 25, 1982 - Feb 21, 1982)

Press Representative: Eileen McMahon and Francine L. Trevens
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