Opening Date
May 27, 1982
Closing Date
May 30, 1982
1st Preview
May 14, 1982
1st Preview
May 14, 1982


Alvin Theatre
(May 27, 1982 - May 30, 1982)

Act I: Elementary School. Act II: High School.

Theatre Owned / Operated by The Messrs. Nederlander
Book by John R. Powers; Music by James Quinn and Alaric Jans; Lyrics by James Quinn and Alaric Jans; Based Upon the Novel by John R. Powers; Music orchestrated by Jerome Jay Dryer; Musical Director: Larry Hochman; Vocal arrangements by Larry Hochman; Dance arrangements by Peter Larson
Directed by Mike Nussbaum; Musical Staging by Thommie Walsh; Associate Choreographer: Ronna Kaye
Scenic Design by James Maronek; Costume Design by Nancy Potts; Lighting Design by Marilyn Rennagel; Sound Design by Richard Fitzgerald
General Manager: Richard Horner Associates, Ltd.; Company Manager: Bruce Birkenhead
Production Supervisor: William Gardner; Production Stage Manager: Mortimer Halpern; Stage Manager: Mitchell Lemsky; Assistant Stage Mgr: Carol Estey
Musical Supervisor: Jerome Jay Dryer; Music Contractor: John Monaco
General Press Representative: Fred Nathan & Associates; Dance Captain: Carol Estey; Advertising: Ash / LeDonne and Scott Mauro; Photographer: Martha Swope and Jack Hoffman; Casting: Professional Casting Associates and Alan Coleridge; Logo Design and Graphics by The Jan Group, Ltd.
Sister Lee
Father O'Reilly
Sister Monica Marie
Louie Schlang
Mary Kenny
Sister Helen
Mike Depki
Virginia Lear
Sister Melanie
Becky Bakowski
Felix Lindor
Nancy Ralansky
Eddie Ryan
Understudies: Russ Billingsly (Eddie Ryan, Felix Lindor, Louie Schlang), Carol Estey (Secretary, Sister Monica Marie, Sister Melanie, Virginia Lear), Catherine Fries (Becky Bakowski, Nancy Ralansky, Mary Kenny), Amy Miller (Sister Lee, Sister Helen) and Orrin Reiley (Father O'Reilly, Mike Depki)
music by Alaric Jans and James Quinn; lyrics by Alaric Jans and James Quinn
Act 1
Sung By
Get Ready, Eddie
The Company
The Greatest Gift
Sister Helen and The Kids
It's the Nuns
The Kids and the Nuns
Little Fat Girls
Becky Bakowski and Eddie Ryan
Cookie Cutters
Sister Lee and Becky Bakowski
Patron Saints
Father O'Reilly, Eddie Ryan and The Kids and the Nuns
How Far is Too Far
Nancy Ralansky and Girls and Boys
Act 2
Sung By
Doo-Waa, Doo-Wee
Louie Schlang and The Company
I Must Be in Love
Eddie Ryan
Friends, The Best of
Becky Bakowski and Eddie Ryan
Mad Bombers and Prom Queens
Felix Lindor, Virginia Lear and The Kids
Late Bloomer and Prom Montage
Eddie Ryan and The Kids
Friends, The Best of (Reprise)
Becky Bakowski and Eddie Ryan
Thank God
The Company
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