Opening Date
Dec 29, 1902
Closing Date
Apr 1903


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Daly's Theatre
(Dec 29, 1902 - Mar 28, 1903)
Grand Opera House
(Apr 06, 1903 - Apr 1903)

A musical in three acts

Nice, France during Carnival Time, Doe's Theatre in New York, and the Race Track in Longchamps

Produced by Klaw & Erlanger
Music by Gustav Kerker; Book by Harry B. Smith; Lyrics by Harry B. Smith; Musical Director: Antonio DeNovellis
Staged by Herbert Gresham; Choreographed by Ned Wayburn
Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson; Scenic Design by Ernest Albert
General Manager: B. D. Stevens and Frank L. Perley
First Theatre-goer
A Page
Miss Capitol
Second Theatre-goer
Southern Gent
First Ticket Speculator
Hot Stuff Jake
Pansy Good
Ping Pong
Mr. Gummel
Mr. Fidget
Miss Gotham
Second Ticket Speculator
Tim Lafferty
Monsieur Achille Petipas
Mr. Peppercorn
Third Theatre-goer
Miss Tremont
Miss Tulane
Wally Peppercorn
Mrs. Peppercorn
Little Leopold
Miss Lakeside
Mirandy Hopkins
M. Cardenes
Messenger Boy
Miss Memphis
Lieutenant Ladislas
Mr. Herman Rheinheister
Hiram Hopkins
John Doe
A Stage Carpenter
Miss Flossie Frivol
music by Gustav Kerker; lyrics by Harry B. Smith
Act 1
Sung By
To this most entrancing fete
Americans We
Mr. Peppercorn, Wally Peppercorn, Flora and Rosalba
To Be Truly Refined
Mrs. Peppercorn and Chorus
People sometimes travel round the world to spend their wealth
Wally Peppercorn and Mr. Peppercorn
Oh, toss the ready cap
The Money Burner
John Doe and Chorus
We're demanding satisfaction
Morality's a Matter of Geography
John Doe and Pansy Good
Defeat We Never Know
Lieutenant Ladislas and Chorus
Such a Dear Little Man as You
Lieutenant Ladislas, Flora, Rosalba and Baptiste
The Kangaroo
Tim Lafferty and Monsieur Achille Petipas
Grace Personified
Mrs. Peppercorn
For a Sight of Old Broadway
John Doe
We represent the power
Act 2
Sung By
To the opening of a playhouse we have all been invited
The Money Burner (Reprise)
John Doe and Chorus
There Are Tricks in Every Trade
John Doe and Mrs. Peppercorn
Such a Dear Little Wife as You
Lieutenant Ladislas, Flora, Rosalba and Baptiste
Rap, Rap, Rap
The Lives of Famous Men
John Doe
Pansy Good and Chorus
The Drink of All Nations
John Doe and Company
Act 3
Sung By
Then horses all expectantly
Don't You Care
Wally Peppercorn and Girls
Here Comes Pansy
Pansy Good, Tim Lafferty and Monsieur Achille Petipas
Truly Refined
Mrs. Peppercorn
In the Land of Romance
Just 'Cause the Moon Was Shinin'
John Doe and Chorus
The Money Burner
John Doe and Chorus

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