Opening Date
Apr 02, 1903
Closing Date
Apr 07, 1903


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Haverly's 14th Street Theatre
(Apr 02, 1903 - Apr 07, 1903)

A musical in three acts

Also played at the Metropolis Theatre from February 9, 1903 through February 14, 1903 for 8 performa

Spotless Town

Produced by Gus Hill
Written by Whitcomb Reilly; Featuring songs by Harry Von Tilzer; Featuring songs with lyrics by Vincent Bryan
Musical numbers, ballets and ensembles by Gus Sohlke
Miss Sophie Spotlight
Miss Cora Singer
Miss Bessie Bunchlight
Miss Flora Day
Ludwig Sauerbraten
Dietrich Schnitzel
Miss Lillie Limelight
Butcher Delicatessen
Miss Flossie Footlight
Dr. Grafter
Harvard Yale
Vera Swell
Princella Rustic
Villa Parks
Mayor Wise
Alkali Ike
Miss Canby Hurd
Kitty Topnote
Policeman O'Rafferty
Zaza DuBarry
Avor Du Pois
Miss Carrie Holdit
Lady Bountiful
Chips Stake
Mary Ann
Miss Birdie Sunshine
Miss Rufe Raiser
Act 1
Sung By
Things Are Not What They Used to Be
Kitty Topnote, Mary Ann, Harvard Yale, Alkali Ike, Butcher Delicatessen and Policeman O'Rafferty
I Wants to Be an Actor Lady
(music by Harry Von Tilzer; lyrics by Vincent Bryan)
Lady Bountiful and Full Chorus
In Spotless Town
Butcher Delicatessen, Policeman O'Rafferty, Principals and Chorus
Act 2
Sung By
In the Sweet Bye and Bye
(music by Harry Von Tilzer; lyrics by Vincent Bryan)
Kitty Topnote, Harvard Yale and Chorus
Kitty Topnote
Spotless Town Cadet Trio
Herald Square Song
Alkali Ike and Entire Company in Character
Act 3
Sung By
Oh, the Girls
Lady Bountiful and Chorus
The Gypsy Maid
Kitty Topnote and Company

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