Opening Date
Apr 27, 1903
Closing Date
Jun 06, 1903


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Haverly's 14th Street Theatre
(Apr 27, 1903 - Jun 06, 1903)

A musical in three acts

Tigersville, Vermont, Last November

Produced by Fred Niblo
Music by George M. Cohan; Book by George M. Cohan; Lyrics by George M. Cohan; Music orchestrated by Charles J. Gebest; Musical Director: Charles J. Gebest
Scenic Design by C. W. Valentine; Costume Design by Lord and Taylor
Augustus Wright
Mrs. John Tiger
John Tiger
Madeleine Tiger
Gertie Gayland
Quick Hall
Pearl Belmont
Clarence Wellington
Daisy Flower
Daisy Dill
Minnie Dew
Rosie Budd
Vesta Mansfield
Electa Sylvester
Captain Hicks
Kittie Cute
Octavia Davies
Eden DeFoe
Senora Dutton
Cynthia High
Olive Ellsworth
Sam Gayland
Tillie Wells
Pansy Bloom
Boliver Bixby
Dan Timmons
Andrew Riley
Herman Helberger
Vivian Stanton
Minerva Chase
Mildred Vantine
Peter Pinchem
Gracie Earl
Cecille Rockwell
Jim Fizz
Susie Springtling
Pinky May
May Blossom
William Raid
Franklyn Flusher
Lily Blossom
Leyla Delmont
Violet Sweet
Alf Bach
Dora Beach
Hella Thropp
music by George M. Cohan; lyrics by George M. Cohan
The Football Boys and Girls
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Company
Sweet Popularity
Sam Gayland and College Girls
Root for Riley
Andrew Riley and Ensemble
They Are Hypnotized
Susie Springtling and Ladies
Kid Days
Gertie Gayland and Her Playmates
Flirtation on the Beach
Madeleine Tiger and Augustus Wright
In a One Night Stand
Franklyn Flusher and His Friends
If I Were Only Mr. Morgan
Augustus Wright
I Want to Go to Paree, Papa
Madeleine Tiger and Ensemble
Johnny Get Off the Corner
Quick Hall and "the Force"
I'll Be There- in the Public Square
Gertie Gayland and the Smart Set
The Elopement
Madeleine Tiger and Augustus Wright
The Reubens on Parade
Gertie Gayland and Company

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