MusicalFarce SpectacleOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Jan 19, 1903
Closing Date
Jan 24, 1903
MusicalFarce SpectacleOriginalBroadway


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Star Theatre
(Jan 19, 1903 - Jan 24, 1903)

A musical in three acts

Zig-Zag Alley, the new underground station, Pennsylvania Railroad in New York, and the Board Walk at Atlantic City

Produced by W.E. Flack and Walter Floyd
Written by James Gorman; Incidental music by Karl Weixelbaum; Additional numbers by Bob Cole, Henry Carey, J. Rosamond Johnson and Andy Louis
Staged by James Gorman
Hazel Wood
Ida Simmonds
Patrick Duffy
Hardly Abel
Mrs. Donahue
Effie Brown
Michael Moriarty
Nellie Jackson
Johnny Wise
Sadie Ryan
Willie Yell
Melancholy Ike
May Snow
Mabel Vane
Terrence Moriarty
Isaac Goldstein
Daisy Deen
Adam On
Kittie Reed
Clarence Heavysides
Annie Goldstein
Margery Lovestock
Maude Dunn
Helen Morris
Major Slack
Colonel Slick
music by Karl Weixelbaum
(Unless otherwise noted)
Belles of Zig-Zag Alley
Queen of the Alley
Mrs. Donahue, Ida Simmonds and Hazel Wood
When I'm an Alderman
Michael Moriarty and Company
Sally in Our Alley
(music by Henry Carey; lyrics by Henry Carey)
Terrence Moriarty
Under the Bamboo Tree
(music by Bob Cole and J. Rosamond Johnson; lyrics by Bob Cole and J. Rosamond Johnson)
Daisy Deen
The Italian Organ Grinder
Terrence Moriarty
Off for Atlantic City
The Girl with the Banjo Eyes
Johnny Wise and Annie Goldstein
Sunny Afternoon
Terrence Moriarty
Pinky Panky Poo
(music by Andy Louis; lyrics by Andy Louis)
Specialty and Company
The Southern Nightingale
Annie Goldstein
We Are Four Actors
Colonel Slick, Major Slack, Michael Moriarty and Isaac Goldstein
Is It Love
Specialty and Terrence Moriarty
Dreaming on the Ohio
Specialty, Terrence Moriarty and Company
Kitty Kitty
Michael Moriarty

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