Opening Date
Oct 26, 1975
Closing Date
Nov 09, 1975
1st Preview
Oct 24, 1975
1st Preview
Oct 24, 1975


ANTA Playhouse
(Oct 26, 1975 - Nov 09, 1975)

A small Kansas town in the early 1950s. Labor Day and the next day.

Author's Note: "It wouldn't be fair to say that 'Summer Brave' is the original version of 'Picnic'. I have written before that I never completely fulfilled my original intentions in writing 'Picnic' before we went into production in 1953, and that I wrote what some considered a fortuitous ending in order to have a finished play to go into rehearsal. A couple of years after 'Picnic' had closed on Broadway, after the film version had made its success, I got the early version out of my files and began to rework it, just for my own satisfaction. 'Summer Brave' is the result. I admit that I prefer it to the version of the play that was produced, but I don't necessarily expect others to agree. 'Summer Brave' might not have enjoyed any success on Broadway whatever, nor won any of the prizes that were bestowed upon 'Picnic'. But I feel that it is more humorously true than 'Picnic', and it does fulfill my original intentions." -William Inge

Theatre Owned / Operated by The American National Theatre and Academy
Produced by Barry M. Brown, Burry Fredrik, Fritz Holt and Sally Sears; Produced in association with Robert V. Straus; Produced for the Kennedy Center & Xerox Corporation by Roger L. Stevens and Richmond Crinkley
Originally produced by American Bicentennial Theatre
The revised version of the Pulitzer-Prize winning comedy "Picnic" by William Inge
Directed by Michael Montel; Dances staged by Michel Stuart
Scenic Design by Stuart Wurtzel; Costume Design by Donald Brooks; Lighting Design by David Segal
General Manager: Marvin A. Krauss Associates, Inc.; Company Manager: David Wyler
Production Stage Manager: Dyanne Hochman; Stage Manager: Jason La Padura; Assistant Stage Mgr: Bill Barrett
Press Representative: Shirley Herz; Casting: Terry Fay; Advertising: The Blaine Thompson Agency, Matthew Serino and Michael DeLuise; Assistant to Messrs. Brown & Holt: Amos Abrams
Flo Owens
Rosemary Sydney
Hal Carter
Madge Owens
Millie Owens
Miles Chapin
Broadway debut
Christine Schoenwalder
Mrs. Helen Potts
Irma Kronkite
Howard Bevans
Alan Seymour
Standby: Patricia O'Connell (Rosemary Sydney)
Understudies: Bill Barrett (Bomber, Beano), Richard DeFabees (Alan Seymour, Hal Carter), Alice Drummond (Mrs. Helen Potts, Flo Owens, Irma Kronkite), Stephanie Kurz (Madge Owens, Millie Owens, Christine Schoenwalder), Jason La Padura (Newsboy) and F.J. O'Neil (Howard Bevans)

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