Opening Date
Feb 01, 1918
Closing Date
Aug 10, 1918


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Princess Theatre
(Feb 01, 1918 - Jun 1918)
Casino Theatre
(Jun 17, 1918 - Aug 10, 1918)

A Musical in Two Acts

Hempstead, Long Island and Waverly Mews

Book by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse; Music by Jerome Kern; Lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton; Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler
Staged by Robert Milton and Edward Royce
Costume Design by Harry Collins; Scenic Design by Clifford Pember
Conducted by Max Hirschfeld
Spike Hudgins
Miss Sal Munn
Miss Marie Schino
Miss Lotta Pommery
Hale Underwood
Mr. C. Ollie Flower
Mrs. Farrington
Miss Della Catessen
William Watty
Miss Mollie Gatawaney
Miss Virginia Hamm
Mr. B. Russell Sprout
Miss Marion Etta Herring
Mr. Con Kearney
Miss Hallie Butt
Cyril Twombley
May Barber
Miss C. Ella Rhy
Mr. H. Ash-Brown
Willoughby Finch
Miss Barbara O'Rhum
Mollie Farrington
Fanny Welch
Miss Clarette Cupp
Miss May Anne Ayes
Miss Cassie Roll
Mr. Stewart Prune
Mr. Artie C. Hoke
Miss Lettice Romayne
music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse
Act 1
Sung By
I'm To Be Married Today
Mollie Farrington and Girls
Not Yet
Mollie Farrington and Willoughby Finch
Do It Now
Spike Hudgins, Hale Underwood and Willoughby Finch
Our Little Nest
Spike Hudgins and Fanny Welch
Do Look at Him!
Mollie Farrington and Girls
Oh, Lady! Lady!
Willoughby Finch and Girls
You Found Me and I Found You
May Barber and Hale Underwood
Act 2
Sung By
Moon (The Moon Song)
Miss Clarette Cupp and Ensemble
Waiting Around the Corner
May Barber and Boys
Little Ships Come Sailing Home
Mollie Farrington and Girls
Before I Met You
Willoughby Finch and Mollie Farrington
Greenwich Village
Willoughby Finch, Spike Hudgins and Fanny Welch
Wheatless Days
Hale Underwood and May Barber
It's a Hard, Hard World for a Man
Willoughby Finch, Hale Underwood and Cyril Twombley

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