Opening Date
Aug 28, 1917
Closing Date
Jan 19, 1918


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Longacre Theatre
(Aug 28, 1917 - Jan 19, 1918)

A musical in two acts

Atwater College

Book by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse; Music by Jerome Kern; Lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse; from "The College Widow" by George Ade; Musical Director: John McGhie; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler
Staged by Edward Royce; Choreographed by David Bennett
Scenic Design by D. M. Aiken; Costume Design by Harry Collins, Finchley and Spaulding
Josephine Barclay
Sally Cameron
Dick McAllister
Louella Banks
Matty McGowan
Hiram Bolton
Bertha Tyson
Ollie Mitchell
Silent Murphy
Jimsey Hopper
Peter Witherspoon
Howard Talbot
Jane Witherspoon
Harold Bub Hicks
Honorable Elam Hicks
Martha Abbott
Cora Jenks
Cissie Summers
Flora Wiggins
Bessie Tanner
Billy Bolton
Marion Mooney
Stub Talmadge
music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by P. G. Wodehouse
Act 1
Sung By
Good Old Atwater
Male Ensemble
A Peach of a Life
Stub Talmadge and Bessie Tanner
Wait 'Till Tomorrow
Jane Witherspoon and Boys
(Just You) Watch My Step
Stub Talmadge, Louella Banks and Girls
Leave It to Jane
Jane Witherspoon, Stub Talmadge, Bessie Tanner and Girls
The Crickets Are Calling
Jane Witherspoon and Billy Bolton
When the Orchestra's Playing Your Favorite Waltz (There it is Again)
Billy Bolton and Town Girls
Flora Wiggins
Something to Say
Jane Witherspoon and Billy Bolton
Act 2
Sung By
Football Song
Bessie Tanner and Ensemble
The Days of Chivalry
Stub Talmadge, Flora Wiggins and Harold Bub Hicks
Football Song (Reprise)
The Sun Shines Brighter (I'm So Happy)
Bessie Tanner and Stub Talmadge
The Siren's Song
Jane Witherspoon, Bessie Tanner and Girls
I'm Going to Find a Girl (Someday)
Stub Talmadge, Harold Bub Hicks, Ollie Mitchell, Louella Banks, Marion Mooney and Cissie Summers

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