PlayPlay with musicOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Mar 18, 1918
Closing Date
Aug 31, 1918
PlayPlay with musicOriginalBroadway


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Lyric Theatre
(Mar 18, 1918 - Mar 23, 1918)
Shubert Theatre
(Jun 03, 1918 - Aug 31, 1918)

A Play with Music in Three Acts and 6 Scenes

New York City and France

Written by Ian Hay, J. Hartley Manners and Percival Knight; Music by Gitz Rice; Lyrics by Gitz Rice; Musical Director: Manuel Klein; Additional lyrics by Harold A. Robe, Worton David, Percival Knight and Harrison Brockbank; Additional music by C. W. Murphy and Harrison Brockbank; Incidental music by Roy Webb
Scenic Design by Clifford Pember; Costume Design by Eaves
First Recruit
Mrs. Palmer
A Refugee
A Retired Bellhop
Orrin Palmer
Warrant Officer
Santa Claus
Fourth Spectator
British Sergeant
War Tank Officer
A Waitress
Third Recruit
British Soldier
British Surgeon
First Spectator
Second American Soldier
Miss Fletcher
Sergeant Atkins
Third Spectator
First American Soldier
Lieutenant Gitz Rice
A Poilu
Edward Wadsworth
Second Recruit
A Servant
Fifth Spectator
First British Soldier
Second Spectator
Sergeant Jennings, U.S. Army

Lyric Theatre (Mar 18, 1918 - Mar 23, 1918)

Shubert Theatre (Jun 03, 1918 - Aug 31, 1918)

Musical Director: Howard A. Cook
music by Gitz Rice; lyrics by Gitz Rice
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Who Carries the Gun?
(lyrics by Rudyard Kipling)
Warrant Officer
You've Got to Go In or Go Under
(lyrics by Percival Knight)
Lieutenant Gitz Rice
Come My Lad and Be a Soldier
(music by Harrison Brockbank; lyrics by Harrison Brockbank)
Warrant Officer
We Stopped Them on the Marne
Lieutenant Gitz Rice
Act 2
A Trench Fantsay
(music by Roy Webb)
Act 3
Sung By
(Dear) Old Pal of Mine
(lyrics by Harold A. Robe)
Sergeant Jennings, U.S. Army
Little Lad
Santa Claus
I Want to Go Home
(music by C. W. Murphy and Gitz Rice; lyrics by Worton David and Gitz Rice)
Sergeant Atkins

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