Opening Date
Feb 20, 1917
Closing Date
Mar 30, 1918


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Princess Theatre
(Feb 20, 1917 - Nov 1917)
Casino Theatre
(Nov 19, 1917 - Mar 30, 1918)

A musical in two acts and three scenes

Meadowsides, Long Island

Book by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse; Music by Jerome Kern; Lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse; Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld; Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler
Staged by Edward Royce
Scenic Design by D. M. Aiken; Costume Design by Faibsey
Conducted by Max Hirschfeld
Lou Ellen Carter
Mr. Olaf Lauder
Miss Iona Saxon
Miss Lottie Limmut
Jane Packard
Dance Specialty
Miss Anna Thorpe
Jim Marvin
Mr. Ivan L. Ovanerve
Miss Rhoda Byke
Mr. Will Hooper Rupp
Mrs. Carter
Miss Wanda Farr
Dance Specialty
Polly Andrus
Miss Annie Olde-Knight
Mr. Hugo Chaseit
Constable Simms
Miss Sheila Ryve
Judge Daniel Carter
Miss Georgia Spelvin
A Club Waiter
Mr. Phelan Fyne
Miss Penelope Budd
George Budd
Miss Lotta Noyes
Miss Billie Dew
Miss B. Ava Little
Miss Inna Ford
Jackie Simpson
Mr. Phil Ossify
music by Jerome Kern; lyrics by Guy Bolton and P. G. Wodehouse
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Let's Make a Night of It
Jim Marvin and Ensemble
You Never Knew About Me
Lou Ellen Carter and George Budd
A Package of Seeds
(lyrics by Herbert Reynolds)
Jim Marvin, Jane Packard, Polly Andrus and Girls
An Old-Fashioned Wife
Lou Ellen Carter and Girls
A Pal Like You (We're Going to Be Pals)
Jackie Simpson and Jim Marvin
Till the Clouds Roll By
(lyrics by Jerome Kern)
Jackie Simpson and George Budd
A Little Bit of Ribbon
Jane Packard and Girls
The First Day of May
Jackie Simpson, Jim Marvin and George Budd
Act 2
Sung By
Jim Marvin and Ensemble
Rolled into One
Jackie Simpson
Oh, Daddy, Please!
Lou Ellen Carter, George Budd and Judge Daniel Carter
Nesting Time (in Flatbush)
(lyrics by Jerome Kern)
Jackie Simpson and Jim Marvin
Words Are Not Needed (Every Day)
Lou Ellen Carter and Boys
Flubby Dub, the Cave-Man
Jackie Simpson, Jim Marvin and George Budd

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