Opening Date
Oct 24, 1916
Closing Date
Nov 1916


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Princess Theatre
(Oct 24, 1916 - Nov 1916)

A musical in two acts

Produced by F. Ray Comstock (Comstock-Elliott Company) and William Elliott
Book by John L. Golden; Music by John L. Golden; Lyrics by John L. Golden, Anne Caldwell and John E. Hazzard; Based on the Play "A Milk White Flag" by Charles H. Hoyt; Musical Director: Max Hirschfeld
Staged by William H. Post and Frank Smithson; Choreographed by David Bennett
Scenic Design by Elsie DeWolfe; Costume Design by Faibsey and Finchley
The Bandmaster
Grape Juice
The Lieutenant
Cuttan Splash
Daisy Queen
Winnie Wood
Lizzie Wood
The Captain
Rising Stox
Piggott Luce
Sarah Nade
Cara Mell
Annie Mosity
E.Z. Pickens
Ruffan Reddy
Myra Gard
Mrs. Piggott Luce
the dear departed
The Colonel
Ella May
The Private
Willie Fall
Bull Marquette
Mr. Graves
Jessie Mine
Molly Fie
Vera Courtney
Seema Curves
Annie Mation
Sal Vation
O.B. Gentle
Billy B. Good
Katy Did
Willie Fall
music by John L. Golden; lyrics by Anne Caldwell, John E. Hazzard and John L. Golden
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Ladies Day
Kiss Your Soldier Boy (Au Revoir)
Vera Courtney and Ensemble
Come Along Little Girls
Ginola, Rye, The Lieutenant and Ensemble
When You're in Love You'll Know
(music by John L. Golden and Jerome Kern; lyrics by John L. Golden)
Lucy, The Captain and Ensemble
Where's the Little Boy for Me?
(music by Charles Grant; lyrics by Schuyler Greene)
Vera Courtney and Boys
Girls, If You Ever Get Married
The Private, The Captain, The Colonel, The Bandmaster and The Lieutenant
Every Little While
(music by John L. Golden and James W. Tate; lyrics by Clifford Harris)
Lucy, The Captain and Ensemble
Mrs. Piggott Luce, Grape Juice and The Private
Go To It
(music by Raymond Hubbell; lyrics by Max Darewski and John L. Golden)
Act 2
Sung By
Vera Courtney and Ensemble
Doesn't Anybody Want Me?
Love Me Just a Little Bit
Lucy, The Captain and Ensemble
London Taps
(lyrics by John L. Golden and John E. Hazzard)
Vera Courtney
A Little World Of Our Own
(lyrics by John L. Golden)
Vera Courtney, The Lieutenant and Ensemble
There's Something About You (Dear That Appeals to Me)
(music by John L. Golden and Silvio Hein; lyrics by Frank Craven)
Grape Juice and The Private
You're the Girl That Sets Me Stuttering
(music by John L. Golden and Charles Grant; lyrics by John L. Golden and Charles Grant)
Lucy, The Captain and Ensemble
Little By Little (And Bit By Bit)
(music by Worton David, Schuyler Greene and William Hargreaves; lyrics by Worton David, Schuyler Greene and William Hargreaves)
The Private

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