Opening Date

Aug 17, 1979

Closing Date

Mar 07, 1980

MusicalRevueOriginalNational Tour


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
Produced by Tom Mallow; Produced in association with James Janek
Original Broadway Choreography & Musical Staging by Billy Wilson; Originally produced on Broadway by Ashton Springer; Originally produced on Broadway in association with Frank C. Pierson and Jay J. Cohen; Originally presented at Theatre Off Park
Conceived by Julianne Boyd; Music by Eubie Blake; Lyrics by Noble Sissle, Andy Razaf, Johnny Brandon, F. E. Miller and Jim Europe; Music orchestrated by Neal Tate; Music arranged by Danny Holgate; Musical Director: William Gregg Hunter
Directed by Julianne Boyd; Choreography & Tap Choreography by Henry LeTang; Assistant Choreographer: Ellie LeTang
Scenic Design by Karl Eigsti; Costume Design by Bernard Johnson; Lighting Design by William Mintzer; Sound Design by Christopher K. Bond; Hairstyles by Breelun Daniels
General Manager: James Janek; Company Manager: Mary Card
Production Supervisor: Richard Martini and Jerry R. Moore; Production Stage Manager: Chuck Linker; Stage Manager: Christopher K. Bond; Assistant Stage Mgr: Roderick Spencer Sibert
Musical Supervisor: Danny Holgate; Conducted by William Gregg Hunter; Piano: William Gregg Hunter; Trumpet: Mike Holover and Frank Williams; Guitar: Paul Smith; Drums: Napoleon Revels-Bey; Reeds: Eddie Alex; Trombone: Lou Rosenberg; Bass: Eustis Guillement
Exclusive Tour Direction: American Theatre Productions, Inc.; General Press Representative: Max Eisen; Press Representative: Barbara Glenn; Advertising: Serino, Coyne & Nappi; Dance Captain: Robert Melvin; Photographer: Bert Andrews
music by Eubie Blake; lyrics by Noble Sissle
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
Goodnight Angeline (Prologue)
(lyrics by Jim Europe)
Charleston Rag (Prologue)
Shuffle Along
In Honeysuckle Time
I'm Just Wild About Harry
Baltimore Buzz (Mime Staged by Dana Manno)
Daddy (Won't You Please Come Home) (Musical Staging by Julianne Boyd)
There's a Million Little Cupids in the Sky
I'm a Great Big Baby
(lyrics by Andy Razaf)
My Handyman Ain't Handy Anymore
(lyrics by Andy Razaf)
Low Down Blues
Gee, I Wish I Had Someone to Rock Me in the Cradle of Love (Duet Arrangement by Vicki Carter)
I'm Just Simply Full of Jazz
Act 2
Sung By
High Steppin' Days
(lyrics by Johnny Brandon)
Dixie Moon
(lyrics by Andy Razaf)
Roll Jordan
(lyrics by Andy Razaf)
Memories of You
(lyrics by Andy Razaf)
If You've Never Been Vamped by a Brownskin, You've Never Been Vamped at All
You Got to Git the Gittin While the Gittin's Good
(lyrics by F. E. Miller)
Oriental Blues
I'm Craving for That Kind of Love (Musical Staging by Julianne Boyd)
Hot Feet
Goodnight Angeline
(lyrics by Jim Europe)
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City and State

Mar 06, 1980 - Mar 07, 1980
Montreal, QC
Mar 05, 1980 - Mar 05, 1980
Burlington, VT
Feb 29, 1980 - Mar 01, 1980
Scranton, PA
Feb 16, 1980 - Feb 17, 1980
Dayton, OH
Feb 12, 1980 - Feb 15, 1980
Indianapolis, IN
Feb 03, 1980 - Feb 03, 1980
Muncie, IN
Dec 10, 1979 - Dec 11, 1979
Des Moines, IA
Dec 05, 1979 - Dec 09, 1979
Champaign, IL
Dec 01, 1979 - Dec 02, 1979
Chapel Hill, NC
Nov 27, 1979 - Nov 28, 1979
Nashville, TN
Nov 16, 1979 - Nov 18, 1979
Charlotte, NC
Oct 09, 1979 - Oct 14, 1979
Atlanta, GA
Oct 05, 1979 - Oct 06, 1979
Danville, KY
Oct 03, 1979 - Oct 04, 1979
Birmingham, AL
Oct 02, 1979 - Oct 02, 1979
Jackson, MS
Sep 28, 1979 - Sep 30, 1979
Houston, TX
Sep 20, 1979 - Sep 23, 1979
Louisville, KY
Sep 17, 1979 - Sep 18, 1979
Davenport, IA
Sep 16, 1979 - Sep 16, 1979
Ames, IA
Sep 14, 1979 - Sep 15, 1979
Kalamazoo, MI
Sep 11, 1979 - Sep 12, 1979
Iowa City, IA
Sep 07, 1979 - Sep 09, 1979
Toledo, OH
Sep 04, 1979 - Sep 05, 1979
Rochester, NY
Aug 28, 1979 - Sep 02, 1979
Pittsburgh, PA
Aug 17, 1979 - Aug 18, 1979
Huntsville, AL