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Sep 21, 2010

Closing Date

Jul 31, 2011

MusicalComedyOriginalNational Tour


The credits for this production have not yet been completed or verified.
An office; 1979 or thereabouts.

Originally produced on Broadway by Robert Greenblatt
Book by Patricia Resnick; Music by Dolly Parton; Lyrics by Dolly Parton; Based on the motion picture by 20th Century Fox; Music orchestrated by Bruce Coughlin; Additional Orchestrations and Incidental Music Arrangements: Stephen Oremus and Alex Lacamoire; Dance Music Arrangements: Alex Lacamoire; Vocal arrangements by Stephen Oremus; Musical Director: Martyn Axe
Directed by Jeff Calhoun; Choreographed by Jeff Calhoun; Co-Choreographed by Lisa Stevens; Associate Director: Richard J. Hinds; Associate Choreographer: Marjorie Failoni
Scenic Design by Kenneth Foy; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Ken Billington; Sound Design by Steve Canyon Kennedy; Projection Design by Benjamin Pearcy; Hair Design by Paul Huntley and Edward J. Wilson; Puppet Design by The Puppet Kitchen; Associate Scenic Design: Stephen Cowles; Associate Costume Design: Scott Traugott; Associate Lighting Design: Anthony Pearson; Assistant Costume Design: Brenda Abbandandolo, Robert J. Martin and Annie Simon; Assistant Lighting Design: James Milkey; Moving Light Programmer: Zach Peletz
General Manager: Nina Lannan & Associates and Maggie Brohn; Company Manager: Chris Danner; Associate Co. Mgr: Miguel Ortiz
Production Supervisor: John R. Edkins; Production Stage Manager: Daniel S. Rosokoff; Stage Manager: E. Cameron Holsinger; Assistant Stage Mgr: Karyn Meek
Musical Supervisor: Stephen Oremus; Musical Coordinator: Michael Keller; Synthesizer Programmer: Randy Cohen; Conducted by Martyn Axe; Associate Conductor: Christopher D. Littlefield; Keyboard 2: Christopher D. Littlefield; Guitar: Chuck Pierce; Drums: Gregg Germann; Music Copying: Emily Grishman; Music Preparation: Emily Grishman Music Preparation/Katharine Edmonds
Aerial Design: Paul Rubin
Casting: Telsey + Company; Tour Press & Marketing: Anita Dloniak & Associates, Inc.; Exclusive Tour Direction: The Road Company; Website Design/Online: Situation Interactive; Photographer: Joan Marcus; B-Roll: HMS Media; Dance Captain: Marjorie Failoni; Assistant Dance Captain: Rick Pessagno
Doralee Rhodes
Violet Newstead
Franklin Hart, Jr.
Judy Bernly
Bob Enright
Understudies: Jane Blass (Violet Newstead), Patrick Boyd (Dwayne, Dick, Tinsworthy), Paul Castree (Joe), Holly Davis (Doralee Rhodes, Judy Bernly), Janet Dickinson (Violet Newstead, Roz, Margaret), Madeleine Doherty (Roz, Kathy, Margaret), Marjorie Failoni (Kathy, Maria, Missy), K.J. Hippensteel (Joe, Dwayne, Josh, Bob Enright), Ashley Moniz (Judy Bernly, Maria), Ryah Nixon (Doralee Rhodes, Missy), Rick Pessagno (Dick, Tinsworthy), Wayne Schroder (Franklin Hart, Jr.) and Travis Waldschmidt (Josh, Bob Enright)


Understudy: Autumn Guzzardi (Doralee Rhodes)
music by Dolly Parton; lyrics by Dolly Parton
Act 1
Sung By
9 to 5
Violet Newstead, Doralee Rhodes, Dwayne, Judy Bernly and Ensemble
Around Here
Violet Newstead and Ensemble
Here for You
Franklin Hart, Jr. and The Boys Club
I Just Might
Judy Bernly, Doralee Rhodes and Violet Newstead
Backwoods Barbie
Doralee Rhodes
Heart to Hart
Roz and Ensemble
The Dance of Death
Judy Bernly, Franklin Hart, Jr. and Ensemble
Cowgirl's Revenge
Doralee Rhodes, Franklin Hart, Jr. and Ensemble
Potion Notion
Violet Newstead, Franklin Hart, Jr. and Ensemble
Joy to the Girls
Judy Bernly, Doralee Rhodes, Violet Newstead and Ensemble
Shine Like the Sun
Doralee Rhodes, Judy Bernly and Violet Newstead
Act 2
Sung By
One of the Boys
Violet Newstead and Ensemble
5 to 9
Change It
Doralee Rhodes, Violet Newstead, Judy Bernly and Ensemble
Let Love Grow
Joe and Violet Newstead
Get Out and Stay Out
Judy Bernly
9 to 5 (Reprise)
The Company
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