Opening Date
Apr 13, 1989
Closing Date
Apr 22, 1989
1st Preview
Mar 27, 1989
1st Preview
Mar 27, 1989


Music Box Theatre
(Apr 13, 1989 - Apr 22, 1989)

A New York City jail exclusively for alimony delinquents. The present.

Produced by Cy Coleman, A. E. Hotchner, William H. Kessler, Jr. and Michael M. Weatherly; Produced in association with Raymond J. Greenwald; Associate Producer: Robert R. Larsen
Music by Cy Coleman; Lyrics by Cy Coleman (Broadway debut as lyricist) and A. E. Hotchner; Book by A. E. Hotchner; Music orchestrated by Doug Katsaros; Vocal arrangements by Cy Coleman and David Pogue; Musical Director: David Pogue
Directed by Peter Mark Schifter; Musical Staging by Patricia Birch
Scenic Design by David Jenkins; Costume Design by William Ivey Long; Lighting Design by Tharon Musser; Sound Design by Otts Munderloh; Hair Design by Angela Gari
General Manager: Richard Seader and Sylrich Management; Company Manager: Paul B. Berkowsky
Production Stage Manager: Mary Porter Hall; Stage Manager: John C. McNamara; Assistant Stage Mgr: Victor Lukas
Conducted by David Pogue; Music Contractor: John Miller; Assistant Conductor: Donald Sosin; Keyboards: David Pogue, Donald Sosin and Lee Musiker; Reeds: Ken Hitchcock; Guitar: Bob Rose; Bass: David Finck; Cello: Marisol Espada and Arnold Schween; Percussion: David Ratajczak
Casting: Deborah Aquila and Don Pemrick; General Press Representative: Jeffrey Richards Associates; Dance Captain: Terri White; Advertising: Grey Entertainment & Media; Logo Design by Nicky Zann
Milton Meltzer
Arlene Meltzer
Betty Bursteter
Gus Bottomly
Sally Mayes
Broadway debut; replaced Sharon Scruggs in previews
Winona Shook
Carol Bates
Kevin Bursteter
Aaron Bates
Eve Aiken
Bruce Aiken
Understudies: Joanna Glushak (Arlene Meltzer, Betty Bursteter, Carol Bates), Walter Hudson (Aaron Bates, Kevin Bursteter) and Sal Mistretta (Milton Meltzer, Gus Bottomly, Bruce Aiken)

Music Box Theatre (Apr 13, 1989 - Apr 22, 1989)


Winona Shook
Was replaced in previews
music by Cy Coleman; lyrics by A. E. Hotchner and Cy Coleman
Act 1
Sung By
A Place Called Alimony Jail
Husbands and Wives
Pay the Lawyer
Mrs. Meltzer Wants the Money Now!
Arlene Meltzer and Husbands
That's a Woman
Aaron Bates, Carol Bates and Wives
Piece of Cake
Eve Aiken and Bruce Aiken
Milton Meltzer, Arlene Meltzer, Wives and Gus Bottomly
Arlene Meltzer
The Trouble with You
Aaron Bates, Carol Bates, Husbands and Wives
At My Side
Bruce Aiken and Kevin Bursteter
Act 2
Sung By
Southern Comfort
Winona Shook, Aaron Bates, Wives and Husbands
The Two of Us
Bruce Aiken and Milton Meltzer
It's Love! It's Love!
Gus Bottomly and Husbands
The Name of Love
Carol Bates
Miami Beach
Arlene Meltzer and Husbands
Winona Shook
Love Behind Bars
Winona Shook, Aaron Bates and Wives
At My Side (Reprise)
Kevin Bursteter and Betty Bursteter
It Wouldn't Be You
Husbands and Wives

Tony Award®


Best Featured Actor in a Musical

1989 Nominee
Scott Wentworth

Best Direction of a Musical

1989 Nominee
Directed by Peter Mark Schifter

Theatre World


1989 Recipient
Sally Mayes
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