MusicalFarce VaudevilleOriginalBroadway
Opening Date
Sep 17, 1900
Closing Date
Apr 1901
MusicalFarce VaudevilleOriginalBroadway


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Victoria Theatre
(Sep 17, 1900 - Nov 24, 1900)
Grand Opera House
(Apr 01, 1901 - Apr 1901)

A musical in three acts

New York City

Produced by Klaw & Erlanger
Music by Maurice Levi; Book by John J. McNally; Lyrics by J. Cheever Goodwin; Musical Director: Maurice Levi; Additional music by J. Rosamond Johnson; Additional lyrics by James Weldon Johnson and Bob Cole
Staged by Ben Teal
Scenic Design by Ernest Gros; Costume Design by F. Richard Anderson; Electrical Effects by Edward Ocker
Marie LeHaute
Con Maguffin
Park Policeman
Chief Inspector
Willie Want
Carrie Page
Daisy Money
Belle Money
Constance Strain
Rose Merri
Ben Dunne
Inspector Botts
Floretta Diggs
Inspector Wotts
Inspector Dotts
Al Money
Sam Clippe
Sisie Camera
Charlie Plenty
Marcus Blatter
Lucas Stucke
Ezi Money
Bettina Betts
Cora De Fitzmaurice
Lucy Ricky
Tom Swift
Alona Money
George Merri
Helen Money
music by Maurice Levi; lyrics by J. Cheever Goodwin
(Unless otherwise noted)
Act 1
Sung By
The Matrimonial Agent
Al Money and Full Chorus
The Duchess of Central Park
Marie LeHaute and Full Chorus
Lina, My Lady/ Barnacle Jim and Binnacle Tim
Marcus Blatter, Lucas Stucke and Belle Money
Act 2
Sung By
In Central Park
A Bottle and a Bird
Belle Money and Full Chorus
The Brave Hussar
Floretta Diggs and Full Chorus
Is It Yes, or Is It No?
Sam Clippe and Constance Strain
When Reuben Comes to Town
Marie LeHaute, Belle Money, Marcus Blatter and Lucas Stucke
Darktown Barbecue
Full Company
Act 3
Sung By
Up on the Roof
Rose Merri and Full Chorus
If Cabby Told Half What He Knows
Belle Money, Alona Money, Carrie Page, Helen Money, Sisie Camera, Ezi Money, Lucy Ricky, Willie Want and Daisy Money
Run, Brudder Possum, Run
(music by J. Rosamond Johnson; lyrics by Bob Cole and James Weldon Johnson)
Marcus Blatter, Lucas Stucke and Full Chorus

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